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June 4
Introducing Code for STX: a new opportunity to earn Stacks and fuel your projects.

It’s simple: Code, earn.

June 3
Primary Testnet is back and core devs are on track with their code complete schedule! 63% of new issues are already completed, any additional time will be used toward extra testing of new code.

May 17
The Stacks Foundation is excited to announce the latest set of quarterly Critical Bounties, aimed at funding infrastructure development, tools, research, and other initiatives that drive Bitcoin layer development.
May 10
As the Stacks ecosystem gears up for the much-anticipated Nakamoto launch, the excitement is palpable. In February, ~9,000 developers engaged with Stacks Challenges through the EasyA app. But in just a few weeks, the number soared to over 90,000 developers.
May 8
The Stacks Foundation hosted the Building on Bitcoin: Halving Edition Virtual event on April 25. The event featured dozens of the most prominent voices in the Bitcoin builder ecosystem, covering Bitcoin + AI, DeFi, Stacking, Ordinals, rollups, and more.
April 30
Get your Stacks back in a pool and win prizes in addition to your BTC rewards!

April 30
Core Developers are adjusting the Activation timeline for Nakamoto to increase Signer and miner resiliency.

April 22
LearnWeb3 is a leader in creating programs to onboard, engage, and retain developers. They boast over 200k active students with over 700k course completions and brings years of experience in technical curriculum development.
April 22
Today, the first of two hard forks that will bring the Stacks layer the Nakamoto upgrade went live thanks to miners, node operators, exchanges, Signers, and more. 

April 19
Today, we are thrilled to welcome all builders and Stacks community members to leverage Ortege, a powerful platform offering data and insights centered on Stacks, including projects built on top of the leading Bitcoin layer.
April 11
The change will offer Stacking pools, node operators, and exchanges additional time to upgrade and not miss Stacking cycles.

April 11

Galxe, and incentivized growth and retention tool for crypto builders, has integrated Bitcoin L2 Stacks.

April 11
With layer 2 capabilities, Bitcoin evolves from a store of value to a programmable asset with countless use cases and possibilities. In other words, Bitcoin is more than you think.

April 9
Portal DeFi, known for enabling efficient ways of leveraging blockchain networks, has announced plans to integrate Stacks sBTC.

April 5
Ready Layer 2 was designed to empower builders to learn about building on Bitcoin, launch projects on Stacks, and connect with like-minded builders in the Stacks ecosystem.

April 1
A Look Into Stacking DAO, A Stacks DeFi App With Over $100M TVL.Liquid staking has emerged as one of the largest DeFi sectors. Now, it’s beginning to power the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem.

Mar 28
Leveraging Stacks as a robust initial case study, the BitVM-focused Working Group will look to accelerate the development of BitVM while determining how it might improve trust assumptions on the network.
Mar 25
The public Nakamoto Testnet has officially arrived, sporting a clean chainstate for builders, Signers, and Stackers.

Mar 18
The votes are in, and the community has approved the Nakamoto Upgrade, a major update for the Stacks layer that will make it faster and more secure.

Mar 14
Today, we’re announcing an ongoing cooperation with the Bifrost Foundation aimed at increasing the utility and interoperability of Bitcoin-based assets and protocols.

Mar 11
Today, the Pre-Launch Testnet (fka Argon for all you OGs!) was ‘Activated’, making the Nakamoto rules live. This means developers can now interact with all the new code that makes Nakamoto so exciting. Dive into this post for testnet details!
Mar 6
ALEX aims to use Bitcoin Layers, specifically the Stacks Bitcoin Layer 2, along with its upcoming sBTC release, to bring DeFi to Bitcoin. This use case analysis looks at ALEX’s decision to use Stacks and sBTC to build its protocol.
March 6
The recent Building on Bitcoin Virtual event served as a rallying point for Bitcoiners and developers, showcasing the diverse innovations emerging within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

March 5
We're thrilled to announce that Stacks is welcoming support from industry leaders including Blockdaemon, NEAR Foundation, DeSpread, Luxor, Chorus One, Kiln, and Alum Labs.

Mar 1
Understand the Nakamoto rollout approach that will brings more features live in a safe, step-by-step process.

Feb 27
Explore the latest developments in the Stacks ecosystem as residents and contributors rally behind the Nakamoto upgrade and beyond.

Feb 27
Building a decentralized exchange is not easy. This post shows how Stacks and sBTC enable BitFlow to bring a DEX to Bitcoin.

Feb 27
Meet the refreshed Stacks brand that strengthens the connection to Bitcoin.

Feb 27
Join the Stacks community to celebrate the Nakamoto launch in one of over 30 cities, including 5 special premier events.

Feb 22
Where is the Bitcoin ecosystem at? Where is it going? Signal21 is coming online to help provide these answers and more. Bitcoin innovation is surging as L2s and other solutions for scaling and building on Bitcoin enter the spotlight.
Feb 22
During the Ready Layer 2 Pitch Competition in 2023, Vlad Bespalov pitched his company, Asigna. The native multisig solution tailored for Bitcoin and Stacks immediately captured attention for its promise of enhanced security for trusted wallets.
Feb 16
Behind the scenes, contributors and our team are always working to maintain and optimize key web properties in conjunction with the critical work happening on the Stacks layer itself.

An open letter from Brittany Laughlin of the Stacks Foundation.

While security has always been a priority of the blockchain, the upcoming Nakamoto upgrade is taking things to a whole new level. Let’s explore how Nakamoto is fortifying the Stacks network.

In order for the upgrade to pass, a strong majority of the network must vote ‘Yes on Nakamoto.’ That is, 80% or more of votes cast from at least 80 million stacked STX voting must represent a ‘Yes’ vote.

Thanks to steady progress, we’re now able to share that the window for the Nakamoto upgrade will be April 15-29, 2024.

Today, the news went out that Luganodes is bringing its world-class infrastructure to the Stacks network as we head toward the Nakamoto and sBTC upgrades

We are thrilled to announce that all three Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs) have approved the Nakamoto Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP), another milestone in the ongoing development of Stacks, the leading Bitcoin L2.

To vote on the Nakamoto Release, follow these simple steps and choose a voting method appropriate to your personal stacking method. The entire voting process can also be completed via mobile wallets like Xverse.

Ortege x Stacks: A collaboration that will make access to blockchain data simpler and more insightful than ever before. Ortege will be integrating Stacks into OrtegeETL - allowing developers to effortlessly export Stacks data and enhancing overall data accessibility.

Deep dive on all the key aspects of this exciting Stacks upgrade to the leading Bitcoin L2

We’re excited to announce that applications for the Stacks Decentralized Grants – Pilot Program (Stacks De-grants Pilot) are now open.

TL;DR: Nakamoto is on track for release before Bitcoin halving, projected around the end of April, and there’s a clear path on a second release following that for sBTC.

This post look ahead with a primary lens on the communications and event planned here at the Stacks Foundation (or are aware of happening in the ecosystem) to support the Nakamoto and sBTC launches.

Ordinals, BRC-20, and other experiments on the Bitcoin L1 are driving an influx of new Bitcoin-curious builders and users.