Unleashing Bitcoin Through Stacks
We build and fund programs that grow the open-source Stacks network. Get to know the ways we're working to enable builders at the #1 Web 3 project on Bitcoin.
Grants & Residents
The Grants program funds projects ranging from developer tools to community resources and is the de-facto starting place for builders. Meanwhile, the Residents program supplies experts for the ecosystem in high-impact areas.
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Stacks Community
We support local community development around the world by funding and supporting Stacks Chapters, hosting leading crypto events, providing scaffolding for grassroots programming, moderating your favorite channels, and more.
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Stacks Education
From Clarity Universe to the Mintery, we make sure builders and creators get the skills they need through repeatable programs that other leaders can repurpose and reuse. Further, we identify, vet, and train agencies and individuals so they can provide services throughout the ecosystem.
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Research & Governance
Through support of the Governance Lab, Ambassadors Program, Stacks Improvement Proposals (SIPs), R&D on the Stacks chain, and breakdowns of key issues, we ensure our decentralized network is primed to function effectively.
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Integrations & Partnerships
We build relationships and support technical integrations with a range of valuable players the ecosystem needs including exchanges, infrastructure providers, auditors, agencies, custody solutions, market makers, Stacking providers, bounty programs, wallets, NPOs, and more.
Resources & Matchmaking
We collect as much talent and resources as we can and share them freely. This includes technical support for grantees, PR support for founders, partnership introductions, legal resources, listing guidance, overall amplification of Stacks companies, and more.
Fundraising & Liquidity
Through our deep support of the Stacks Accelerator and extensive network of investors and liquidity providers, we fuel Stacks builders. We also bring capital into the ecosystem by supporting efforts like Bitcoin Odyssey, Trust Machines, and others.

Recent Grant Recipients

Join hundreds of Developers from around the world building on the Stacks Blockchain.

The Grants Program funds builders and developers who are creating developer tools, community resources, applications, and research that serve our mission of a user owned internet, powered by the Stacks Blockchain.

Ryder is an innovative hardware wallets that lets you own your digital DNA. Ryder stores cryptocurrencies in addition to identities, a total replacement for all crypto-related operations.
DeFi on Bitcoin. Arkadiko is an open-source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for minting stablecoins, earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets on Stacks.
StackerDAOs will be a platform for NFT projects seeking to form a DAO to harness stacking yields in order to fund causes the DAO cares about
Stacks Cryptocurrency (STX)
STX is the native cryptocurrency of the Stacks network. It’s used to fuel smart contracts for Bitcoin, to reward miners on the open Stacks network, and enables holders to earn bitcoin by Stacking.
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