Meet the Winners of the EasyA Consensus Hackathon
June 5, 2024
The 2024 EasyA Consensus Hackathon brought together nearly 500 web3 developers in the same room. This multi-chain hackathon featured 5 tracks - Polkadot, Rootstock, Stacks, Stellar, and Sui. Participants chose the track that their idea was most applicable to or which protocol best grabbed their interest. The theme of the Stacks track was building on Bitcoin with Clarity. This required participants to build their projects on the leading Bitcoin L2, Stacks blockchain, utilizing the smart contract programming language, Clarity.

The winning projects showcased the potential of building on the Stacks ecosystem and ranged from secure key management systems to asset tokenization platforms and crowdfunding models. Each team that participated demonstrated real-world use cases and the innovative spirit within the Stacks community.

The top 3 winners received a total of $25K in prizes, and a fast-track for growth in the Stacks ecosystem with opportunities for grants, exclusive communities of builders, and mentorship with some of the best and brightest building on Bitcoin.
Meet the Winning Teams
1st Place: Gecko
Taking the top prize of $12,000, Gecko is a Clarity static analysis tool written in Rust by ex-Binance security engineer Jeevan. Users simply provide the smart contracts they want to analyze, and Gecko automatically identifies potential vulnerabilities. Leveraging its robust static analysis capabilities, Gecko empowers developers to enhance the security and reliability of their Clarity contracts. As the winner of the hackathon's highest honor, Gecko exemplifies the cutting-edge innovation happening in the Stacks ecosystem.
2nd Place: Punch Starter
Claiming the 2nd place position and an $8,000 prize, Punch Starter is a social crowdfunding platform built on Stacks. It empowers funders to vet projects thoroughly, ensuring they back the most promising ones while staying safe from online scams. Through its decentralized and transparent approach, Punch Starter fosters trust and accountability in the crowdfunding ecosystem. Leveraging Stacks' security, it revolutionizes how crowdfunding campaigns are evaluated and supported.
3rd Place: Stackify Assets
Securing 3rd place and a $5,000 prize, Stackify Assets is a real-world asset tokenization platform built on Stacks. It enables users to commoditize physical buildings and assets by tokenizing them on the blockchain. Through fractional ownership represented as digital tokens, Stackify Assets democratizes investment opportunities previously exclusive to a few. Leveraging Stacks' transparency and security, it revolutionizes how we interact with real-world assets.
Honorable Mention: Stackey
Stackey, an honorable mention at the Consensus Hackathon, is a secure, decentralized key management system built on Stacks, leveraging Bitcoin's security for user-controlled data. Its standout feature is seamless password inheritance, allowing users to designate trusted individuals or entities to inherit their digital assets and passwords. Combining Stacks and Bitcoin's security, Stackey offers a robust solution for safeguarding digital identities and assets.
The Consensus Hackathon was a huge success, showcasing the talent and creativity of all participants. The solutions developed during the hackathon have the potential to make a significant impact in the Stacks ecosystem. We look forward to seeing these ideas grow and inspire future innovations.

A special thank you to the mentors and the participants who traveled afar (London, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, New York, and more!) to bring their talents to Austin. Stay tuned for our next hackathon, and keep innovating!
Ready for your turn?
If you would like to start your own developer journey in the Stacks ecosystem, the best place to start is the Stacks Challenge in the EasyA app. From there, you can participate in upcoming virtual and in-person hackathons throughout 2024.

The next hackathon within the Stacks ecosystem will kick off in late July with a virtual Ready Layer 2 Competition. We’ll be announcing updates, important timelines, mentors, sponsors, and more in the weeks to come! If you have questions or want to discuss collaborations, get in touch by emailing [email protected].