Code for STX: Keep up with your project and earn
Introducing Code for STX: a new opportunity to earn Stacks and fuel your projects.

It’s simple: Code, earn.

Thousands of new builders have joined over the past few months via hackathons, workshops, Meetups, ongoing office hours, and more.

Code for STX makes it easy (and profitable) to stick with your
favorite new adventure, building on Bitcoin.
How it works
Every month, a pool of 10,000 STX (~20,000 USD) is available to all developers who are actively working on a project. All you have to do is point us to your new code and you’re in.

  1. Code. Work on your project
  2. Commit. Commit meaningful code that meets the listed criteria
  3. Earn. Every month, Stacks Foundation allocates a pool of 10,000 STX (~20,000 USD) for Code for STX. Winners are drawn at random each month from the pool of eligible entries.
$20,000 up for grabs monthly!

Every month you submit valid code commits that move your project forward, you can earn STX from a prize pool of 10,000 STX! Winners are drawn at random each month from the pool of eligible entries.
2500 STX
Each month, an eligible developer from the pool will win the 2500 STX jackpot.
100 STX
Didn't hit the jackpot this month? No worries, 75 others are getting 100 STX just for keeping up with their projects
To have a shot to earn each month, you simply need to work on your project.

We're looking for a meaningful code commit that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Add a new UI element or page
  • Fix a bug
  • Add a new Clarity contract
  • Add meaningful* new Clarity contract functionality
  • Optimize a contract function
  • Enhance the security of your contract
  • Add a test suite
  • Meaningful* refactor that enhances functionality or performance
  • Meaningful* UI enhancement

Other Eligibility Notes:
  • Your project can be at ANY stage (so long as you haven't raised over $500k)
  • Code must be open-sourced and publicly available via Github.
  • You receive one entry for every valid code commit.
  • For more details on the eligibility requirements and what ‘meaningful*’ means, please check out the overview at
Code is due at 11:59pm ET on the last day of each calendar month. Any entries received after that point will be added to the pool for the next period.

Prizes are awarded by the 15th of the following month.

There is no advantage to submitting early and the time of your submission within the month does not play a factor in how prizes are awarded.

June 2024

June 1 - Open for submissions
June 30 - Code is due
July 15 - Prizes awarded

July 2024

July 1 - Open for submissions
July 31 - Code is due
August 15 - Prizes awarded

August 2024

August 1 - Open for submissions
August 31 - Code is due
September 15 - Prizes awarded
Building on Bitcoin
Building on Bitcoin is a generational opportunity. Why?

🟧 Size. Bitcoin boasts a market cap over $1T. It is accessible and continues to see retail and institutional adoption.

🟧 Security. Bitcoin's security is unmatched. Through Stacks, transactions are settled to Bitcoin, making these transactions as irreversible as Bitcoin's after the Nakamoto upgrade.

🟧 Longevity. Bitcoin is durable and consistent, boasting unmatched longevity and consistency. Build on a base layer that has been built to last.
Get to work!
We’re excited to see what you build and are here to help you every step of the way! Reach out if you have questions, otherwise we’ll see your submissions!
Free Learning Opportunities
Not quite ready but want to be? No problem, there are a number of great places to start your journey!