From Pitch to Partnership: Asigna's Journey in the Ready Layer 2 Competition

February 21, 2024
Founding a company is not easy.

Yet, imagine transforming an idea into a fully-fledged business in a single weekend.

Picture entering a new ecosystem and building relationships with dozens of builders who help turn your product concept into an operational company.
For Vlad and his company, Asigna, a native multisig solution for Bitcoin Assets, this scenario was not just a fantasy but a lived experience.

Stacks supports founders and early teams building on Bitcoin with workshops, content, ecosystem connections, training, and established programs like the Ready Layer 2 Pitch Competition.

During the Ready Layer 2 Pitch Competition in 2023, Vlad Bespalov pitched his company, Asigna. Its innovative offering, a native multisig solution tailored for Bitcoin and Stacks, immediately captured attention for its promise of enhanced security for trusted wallets. Rachel, a judge at the pitch competition, was impressed — the Asigna team placed 3rd.

They also caught the attention of Chiente Hsu, the founder of ALEX, the leading DeFi protocol in Bitcoin with over $60M TVL. During the pitch competition, Asigna’s co-founder Vlad Bespalov forged a connection with Chiente, who became an integral part of their journey by supporting the project. ALEX supported the team so much that they became a launch partner for Asigna in October 2023.

Vlad reflected on the experience:
"Participating in the 'Ready Layer 2' competition was an invaluable experience for us. Not only did it provide us with a platform to showcase our innovative solutions, but it also facilitated meaningful connections within the vibrant Stacks ecosystem. Through this competition, we were able to forge partnerships with teams like ALEX, gain access to mentors and advisors in the Stacks ecosystem, and strengthen our presence in the community, allowing the Asigna Multisig to make integrations with all the major applications on Stacks.”
A native multisig solution tailored for Bitcoin and Stacks
The team built Asigna to address concerns around potential risks associated with smart contract strategies, particularly in the context of Stacks, while optimizing gas fees.

Asigna uses a native approach to tap into the power of Bitcoin's Taproot multisig transactions and Stacks' native methods. This strategy ensures that Asigna is both cost-effective and flexible. It also allows for connections between multisig setups on Bitcoin and Stacks via sBTC.

With Asigna, users retain full control over their assets, as the protocol never interacts with private keys — it’s an essential building block for a safe DeFi ecosystem.
Asigna’s Continued Success During sBTC Testnet
Following the pitch competition, the Asigna team participated in the sBTC Testnet program. The program helped to further their capabilities and build connections within the community.

Asigna is now integrated with multiple wallets like Xverse and Leather, supporting Bitcoin ecosystem growth.
This could be you. Join us at Ready Layer 2 2024
While Vlad’s story is unique, it’s not random.

Programs like the Ready Layer 2 Competition are designed to enable connections to occur as they did for the Asigna team.

At the Stacks Foundation, we bring builders together and surround them with the tools and support to explore, start, and launch a project, providing resourceful connections along the way.

If Vlad’s experience inspires you to explore a project of your own, sign up for the upcoming Ready Layer 2 Competition, kicking off March 8th. It’s one of the best ways to surround yourself with like-minded builders, learn new skills, and meet experts moving the needle in the world of Bitcoin Layer 2s.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more about the event at [email protected].

We hope to see you there!