Stacks Foundation Recaps, Reports, Goals, and more
We're here to help you unleash the full potential of Bitcoin. Use this page to learn about our operations and track our progress.
Since its inception, the Stacks Foundation has been committed to transparency. In addition to supporting builders directly, blockchain research, funding and support of governance work, and our educational programs, we work to ensure the community has the space and mechanisms available to self-organize, share information, and make decisions.

As part of this community, we aim to operate in the open and continue to find the most effective ways of doing so. We actively encourage our peers to do the same. Beyond every member of the team being available to the community and facilitating open community calls in major areas, we share our team's goals, board decks, OKRs, regular program updates, and updates from across the Stacks ecosystem each quarter.

We publish updates covering just about everything in real-time on our blog and Twitter account, but wanted to make historic updates easier to find here. The 'Recaps and Reports' tab offers a chronological index of past reports, policy updates, and program reviews and changes. Updates to this page are usually made on a quarterly basis, generally a month or two following board meetings.

We hope it serves new and existing community members with easy to find information on all of the many initiatives we’re supporting. Many thanks to those of you who work with us and offer feedback. This is an ongoing search for the right mix of mediums and content and we always welcome your feedback.

Want to know more or have ideas? Get in touch through your favorite community channel or message us directly.

Stacks Foundation Team
  • SIPs
    The SIPs (Stacks Improvement Proposals) describe the design, implementation, and governance of the Stacks 2.0 blockchain. The SIP process (SIP-000) describes how to make a SIP and get it ratified. Anyone in the Stacks community may submit a SIP. SIP calls are recorded and available on YouTube.
  • Working Groups
    Working Groups are groups of people convened to push forward an initiative within the Stacks ecosystem. You can find all active Working Groups on Github.
  • CABs
    SIP Consideration Advisory Boards or 'CABs' are nascent in the Stacks Ecosystem, but are further described in SIP-000. They are intended to ensure proposals are reviewed on the bases of Technology, Ethics, Economics, Diversity, and more.
  • Meetings
    We do our best to index various open meetings within the ecosystem. Everything we or community moderators are aware of is here and anyone can submit an event to the calendar.
  • Stacks Grants
    Stacks Grants are currently focused on 'Critical Bounties', RFP-style grants that support the development of a user-owned & open-source internet anchored in Bitcoin technology.
T2 2024
T2 2024
In progress
Q1 2022
Q1 2022
Recap and Reports
Note: After receiving feedback from the community, we discontinued OKR/Performance reports and written Board Meeting recap. Readership was low and we were told that the level of detail on our operations was unnecessary (and available via open board decks for those inclined anyway). We continue to set quarterly goals and make our board decks public, while releasing smaller more specific updates about individual programs.
Jan 2021
Q4 2020
Q4 2020
Note, because of the Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch in January 2021, the Q4 2020 board recap and report served for Q1 2021 as well.
May 2020
May 2020
Stacks Foundation opens its doors
Board decks are offered as they were presented to the board with only a few redacted pieces related to standing NDAs, private personnel topics, and some finances. We’ve been advised against sharing unaudited financials in any official capacity, but slides in each board deck provides insight into the financials of the Stacks Foundation at a high level.
Depending on your browser/device, it may be easier to view content by opening the OKRs directly.