The Stacks Foundation & LearnWeb3 Partner to Help Developers Unlock the $1T Bitcoin Economy
April 22, 2024
Developers are the foundation of the Stacks ecosystem. We're proud to announce that we're investing further into the developer community with a partnership with LearnWeb3.

LearnWeb3 is the best in the business at creating programs to onboard, engage, and retain developers.
The team brings years of experience in technical curriculum development, hackathons, and managing self-paced educational programs.

They boast over 200k active students, over 700k course completions with onchain badges, and experience building in the Stacks ecosystem.
LearnWeb3 Will Help Developers Build on Bitcoin
Building on Bitcoin is a massive opportunity for developers. Bitcoin is the most secure, robust, and user-ready blockchain, with over $1 trillion in latent capital waiting for builders to activate it.

Bitcoin’s battle-tested security and worldwide recognition give builders a foundation for success. Stacks, improved with the recent Nakamoto upgrade, make it easier than ever to take advantage of this opportunity.

Through our partnership with LearnWeb3, we plan to bring thousands of developers into the Bitcoin ecosystem, helping them seize the opportunity to build on Bitcoin.

The partnership will focus on three core areas: The Stacks Developer Degree, a custom Learning Management System for Stacks, and additional Hackathons.

1. The Stacks Developer Degree
LearnWeb3 built a Bitcoin-focused developer degree, including written content, assessments, open-source repositories, and feedback (video content coming soon).

The Stacks Developer Degree will include four courses. The first course, available today, covers foundational Bitcoin content ranging from an introduction to Bitcoin L2s to Clarity Programming content.
2. A new developer-focused Learning Management System
LearnWeb3 understands how difficult it is to learn online. So, they’re building a custom learning management system to host The Stacks Developer Degree.

Developers will now have one place to find the best learning materials for building on Bitcoin — everything from content to bounties to analytics.

3. Events and Hackathons
If you’ve been following the Stacks ecosystem, you know how much we love Hackathons and Events. They’re a fantastic way to bring smart, ambitious people together to build.

With LearnWeb3, we’ll host more events and continue investing in the developer community.
Education and Community
At the Stacks Foundation, we know how important developer education and community are in building a robust ecosystem.

We’re excited to partner with LearnWeb3 to further Stacks and Bitcoin.

Are you ready to build on Bitcoin and unlock the $1T Bitcoin economy? Head over to LearnWeb3 to get started on the Stacks Developer Degree.