Galxe Integrates Stacks: Bitcoin Is More Than You Think
Galxe, and incentivized growth and retention tool for crypto builders, has integrated Bitcoin L2 Stacks.
By Stacks Foundation Team on April 11th, 2024
In our continuous efforts to support builders on the leading Bitcoin L2, the Stacks Foundation has partnered with Galxe to integrate Stacks into the top platform for building Web3 communities. With over 12 million+ unique users, more than 8 million monthly visitors, and thousands of successful campaigns, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 3600 other partners with its crypto-native reward programs.

This will be the first opportunity for this community of users to experience dapps from the Bitcoin ecosystem; we’re confident Stacks builders will welcome them in exciting and impactful ways. To celebrate this integration and the upcoming Bitcoin halving and Nakamoto launches, we’re introducing the first-ever Bitcoin L2 campaign on Galxe: Bitcoin Is More Than You Think.

But first, let’s take a look at how Bitcoin Builders can use Galxe as a powerful tool for growing their userbase.
Bitcoin Apps Using Galxe
The integration with Galxe already features the two most popular wallets in the ecosystem, Leather and Xverse. The next step for builders in our ecosystem is to integrate the Galxe API and make on-chain actions in their Dapp trackable. After this, Dapps in our ecosystem can start to create campaigns on Galxe for their community to dive into.

Builders, looking for an introduction to Galxe for Stacks? If you have any questions for the Galxe team, make sure to attend next week’s Galxe office hours by adding the following invite to your calendar. Stacks teams can apply for a free Galxe registration code and personal support from the Galxe team via the following submission link. Please note codes are limited, and Galxe therefore will review every submitted team based on their track record, such as an already existing community and mainnet launch.
Galxe Use Cases
If you are a builder that needs some inspiration, take a look at these three Galxe campaigns that drove incredible results for teams in the crypto space:
Bitcoin Is More Than You Think
The “Bitcoin Is More Than You Think” campaign is a journey designed to help new users enter the Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin is on a trajectory to be much more than a store of value as layers and new experiences pop up everyday. New explorations will be dropped roughly every other week taking users deeper orbits around the blossoming ecosystem with Bitcoin at its center.

Throughout their journey users will earn badges minted as NFTs secured by Bitcoin, tracking their growth and journey for all time The first badges are created by a well-known artist in the Stacks community, named Nickole.btc. In addition to the NFTs themselves, there will prizes awarded to the people who (at the end of the first 6 weeks) have completed at least one quest from the campaign. The more badges earned, the higher the chance of a reward.

And, this journey is not just for people who are new to Bitcoin layers or Stacks. In fact, everyone can take part; helping new friends on their journey as they explore the world of building on Bitcoin will have its own set of rewards!

Learn more about the “Bitcoin Is More Than You Think Campaign” here.
Do Your Own Research
Galxe is a powerful tool for teams to introduce their dapps to a new audience and increase their userbase. Besides getting new users to try out Galxe, many dapps have used Galxe as a retention tool, where users can earn points by holding certain assets, pooling their tokens, or completing quests. Although these points and “earn reward” schemes sound attractive, please be aware that now that Stacks is integrated into Galxe, everyone is able to create a campaign and promise future rewards for performing on-chain activities.

Make sure to always cross verify the legitimacy of a campaign by checking the socials of the app in question, and do your own research to determine what consequences the actions required to join a campaign have on you. As more people are getting interested in Stacks, more bad actors will join our community as well. The Stacks Foundation does not have control over who creates campaigns on Galxe as everyone is able to create an unofficial account, so you should do your own research.