Decentralized Stacking Pools: Now Live on Mainnet

February 13, 2024
At its core, the Decentralized Stacking Pool project aims to revolutionize the stacking process by providing a secure and trustless environment. By bolstering the Stacks Consensus Mechanism, stackers are rewarded with complete transparency. We're thrilled to announce that the Decentralized Stacking Pool is now open to the Stacks Community on mainnet, ushering in a new era of decentralized stacking.

Led by the Degen Lab team and backed by the sBTC Working Group, Decentralized Stacking Pools offer an alternative to traditional stacking methods. Anyone can initiate a pool through smart contracts, providing liquidity to cover future rewards for participants.
Decentralized Stacking Pools not only prioritize security and trustlessness but also emphasize crucial elements of decentralization and speed. By automating rewards distribution through smart contracts, we eliminate the need for manual intervention, ensuring participants receive their rewards swiftly and transparently. This shift towards decentralization not only enhances the efficiency of the stacking process but also empowers users with greater control over their assets.
BowtiedSirJonathan, Founder of Degen Lab
How it works
Participants join the pool, evaluating liquidity levels to ensure adequate reward distribution. During the cycle, rewards are distributed based on participants' weighted contribution to the pool's total stack. Liquidity providers receive a percentage of the reward, maintaining balance and stability in the system.
Enhancing security and efficiency
The STX-BTC Bridge ensures liquidity for miners and stackers, facilitating seamless asset exchange without relying on centralized exchanges. CoinFabrik's security audit, supported by the Stacks Foundation, ensures the system's integrity, addressing all known vulnerabilities.
Learn more
  1. Check out the Decentralized Stacking Pool docs here
  2. Review the walkthrough for Decentralized Stacking Pools
  3. Visit the Decentralized Stacking Pool dashboard