Signal21: Layers Upon Layers of Bitcoin Data
by Mitchell Cuevas on February 22, 2024
Where is the Bitcoin ecosystem at? Where is it going? Signal21 is coming online to help provide these answers and more. Bitcoin innovation is surging as L2s and other solutions for scaling and building on Bitcoin enter the spotlight. Signal21 wants to help make sense of it all and they’re starting with Stacks, the leading Bitcoin L2.

Built by the team at Gossamer, Signal21 provides critical data about the Bitcoin ecosystem and plans to quickly grow the number of Bitcoin layers they support data and insights for. If you’re not familiar, Gossamer Capital is a leading early-stage venture firm specializing in the Bitcoin ecosystem and a key player in the Stacks ecosystem.

In the EVM world, there is a multitude of powerful data tools focused on helping everyone from institutions to investors to degens better understand network activity, trends, and events. The same is not true for the Bitcoin ecosystem and that’s precisely why Signal21 was born. Gossamer's approach to ‘growing the pie’ for all forms of building on Bitcoin is clear with this move, as one of their primary focuses is helping others see the opportunities to invest in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Signal21 represents the culmination of our conviction in Bitcoin's potential to revolutionize financial services and internet applications. By combining our investment thesis with the unparalleled on-chain data and research capabilities of the Signal21 team, we're uniquely positioned to empower financial institutions to capitalize on the immense opportunities within the Bitcoin economy.
Jonathan Sadlowe, Managing Partner at Gossamer Capital and co-founder of Signal21
Signal21 will leverage the expertise of seasoned on-chain analysts and researchers, including former members of one of the beloved teams in the Stacks Ecosystem, Stats on Chain. Combined with their data warehouse and visualization tools, Signal21 will deliver a suite of services that includes:

  • Market analysis and insights: Deep dives into on-chain data to uncover trends, assess network health, and gauge investor sentiment.
  • Custom research and consulting: Tailored analyses and strategies to support investment decisions, inform product development, and navigate the evolving Bitcoin landscape.
  • Educational workshops and seminars: Immersive programs to demystify Bitcoin technology, on-chain data insights, and their practical applications within financial services.
At the Stacks Foundation, we’re proud to be the first customer of Signal21. We’re working with Signal21 to make more Stacks data readily available, provide snackable insights on a regular basis, publish special edition reports, and provide eligible startup teams within the ecosystem access to Signal21’s API. More information will be available as Signal21 launches services in the coming months.

Please join us in congratulating the Signal21 team on their launch. We're humbled to have so many high-quality teams with demonstrated commitment to the Bitcoin ecosystem taking up key aspects of growing the ecosystem with us. For more information or to connect with the Signal21 team, visit them at their website.