Bitcoin Halving: Show us your Naka•mojo•
by Rick Bartelink on January 1, 2024
Thanks to relentless building in 2023, Bitcoin is set up for a banner year in 2024. Late April will see the Bitcoin halving and, of course, the Nakamoto release for the Stacks layer. We will undoubtedly see more projects and protocols bring exciting new tools to builders and for our part, we're hosting events and activations galore all in the name of growing the Bitcoin economy.

To celebrate this exciting time and send a signal to the rest of the world, we're raising our Bitcoin flag higher than ever and inviting you to join us. Starting January 1, we're kicking off giveaways, content, and events steeped in Bitcoin spirit. And yes, orange!
Fly the Bitcoin flag and show us your Naka•mojo
Alright, sounds fun, but how does one 'fly the flag' or 'raise the ₿at signal'?

This one is up to you, there is no right way to join the fun. But, we do have a few suggestions based on what we've seen others do and will be doing ourselves.

Examples include:
  • Be like ALEX and add the 'Orange Block' in your X bio, name, or even better, both! You'll be in great company!
  • Maybe team Ordinals? You know that orange block well :)
  • Are you Lightning squad? Throw up the ⚡
  • On Twitter maybe too much? Use the #Bitcoin hashtag to bring up the ₿
  • Run a website? Give it a splash (or maybe more?) of orange like the banner at the top of this site or the newly orange page progress reading bar!
  • Texting, posting, etc? Show love with the 'orange heart'
What about Stacks?
Of course, the Stacks layer is getting in on the fun too, so wherever we here at the Stacks Foundation can put up a flag, we'll be doing so. This gives us an opportunity to test out working with more orange ahead of the Brand WG releasing a refresh soon. We also encourage others who own or contribute to Stacks-related properties to join as we embrace the orange throughout Bitcoin Halving.

Here are some of the ways we're planning to bring the Naka•mojo• ourselves:

  • We're running monthly giveaways with Stacks merch, STX20 & other prizes
  • We're bringing more orange to various places the community knows and loves (hint: like Twitter,, and more!)
  • Builder stories: We'll be dropping a series on how various builders 'keep their Nakamojo" while leading the Bitcoin charge.
  • Host events under the banner of Building on Bitcoin, with the February 15 Building on Bitcoin virtual event being one of them.

We'll keep up the festivities through at least the Bitcoin halving, but as long as we're having fun and celebrating builders, we can keep it going.
Giveaways (Ended)
The giveaway months have ended! All winners will receive their prize within 10 days of sending their Stacks address to @Stacks on Twitter.
January 1st to January 31st
To Enter:
✅ Giveaway has ended. See examples of winners here.

🥇 1x 2000 MUNEEB (STX20): @mindful_service
🥈 1x 1000 MUNEEB (STX20): @metamask0x
🥉 2x $300 in STX: @web3Binta & @nfteetee
February 1st to February 29th
To Enter:
✅ Giveaway has ended.

🥇 1x $500 in STX:
🥈 1x $200 in STX:
🥉 1x $100 in STX:
March 1st to March 31st
To Enter:
✅ Giveaway has ended

🥇 2x $200 Stacks merch
@phtog_art & @silynnod
April 1st to April 30th
To Enter:
✅ Giveaway has ended

🥇 $500 in $ALEX
🥈 $200 in $DIKO
🥉 $100 in $WELSH
Examples of winners

Terms & Conditions

By entering or participating, each entrant or participant (“Entrant”) agrees to these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and the decisions of the Stacks Foundation, which are final and binding in all respects.

  • To enter the giveaway, follow the mechanics on the relevant activity post(s).
  • For reference to the prizes, see "rules and prizes" on this page.
  • The winners will be announced on @Stacks Twitter no later than 2 weeks after the giveaway ends.
  • Stacks will contact the winners through direct messages on the relevant platform.
  • Winners will have to reply within 4 working days or their prizes will be forfeited.
  • The winning entrant can expect the reward within 1 month after the announcement.
  • The winners will be selected based on a number of factors, including creativity, detail, uniqueness and so on.
  • Social media accounts should be in public [not private account] until the winners are announced so we can send them a DM and verify their entry post. If not, the user should make it public for us to message him/her within 24 hours. The Stacks Foundation reserves the right to disqualify the user if this has not been met.
  • An eligible user is someone that has completed all of the requirements listed on this page.
  • The Stacks Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any participants immediately for any improper behaviors.
  • The Stacks Foundation reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.
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