Casting Your Nakamoto Vote: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
by Hero Gamer, Stacks Community Governance Resident
February 9 , 2024
To vote on the Nakamoto Release, follow these simple steps and choose a voting method appropriate to your personal stacking method. The entire voting process can also be completed via mobile wallets like Xverse. Learn more about the voting process here.

For the upgrade to pass, a strong majority of the network must vote ‘Yes on Nakamoto.’ This entails 80% or more of votes cast from at least 80 million stacked STX representing a ‘Yes’ vote, and a 66% majority of liquid STX votes being "yes."
Step 1: Visit the Nakamoto Voting Site
Begin by visiting You will be redirected to the official voting site site. If you wish to learn more about the Nakamoto Release before voting, relevant links are provided.
For Community Pool Stackers and Non-Stackers voting methods, please ensure your wallet is connected to the account holding the STX token.
Step 2: Choose your Voting Method
Scroll down and select a voting method based on your STX holding status. If you have STX in both Stacking and free floating in your wallet, you can vote using both methods, and all STX will be counted
Step 3: Cast your Vote
Solo Stackers
If you're a solo stacker, use the Bitcoin wallet receiving Stacking rewards to send 6,000 sats (0.00006 BTC) to the corresponding Yes or No address to cast your vote.
Pool Stackers

Web Wallet: Choose “Vote yes” or “Vote no”, ensuring it's the account used for stacking in a pool. (Not applicable to $stSTX in a liquid stacking protocol. Please contact your liquid stacking provider regarding your voting preference.)

Desktop Wallet: Launch the desktop wallet used to participate in Stacking.
  • To vote ‘Yes on Nakamoto’, send 1 uSTX (0.000001 STX) to SP00000000000003SCNSJTCSE62ZF4MSE
  • To vote ‘No on Nakamoto’, send 1 uSTX (0.000001 STX) to SP00000000000000DSQJTCSE63RMXHDP

Select any account with at least 1 liquid STX. It's recommended to choose the account with the highest STX balance for more “voting power” or a stronger vote (default is set to the max).
Step 4: Submit your Vote
Once you’ve made your choice, confirm the transaction to submit your vote.
Step 5: Claim your "Just Voted" Badge
After submitting your vote, you'll be directed to a page where you can claim your exclusive badge to overlay on your NFT. Simply select the NFT in your wallet, choose a dark or light badge, and download the JPEG to proudly showcase it on various social platforms!
What's next?
  • Voting will take place during reward cycles 78 and 79 (between block 829850 and block 833950) or approximately February 11th to March 10th.
  • Follow StacksOrg on X for the announcement of Nakamoto Release voting results.
  • The Nakamoto upgrade launch window is April 15 - 29, 2024, if approved by the community.