CABs Approve the Nakamoto Improvement Proposal for the Stacks Layer
by Hero Gamer, Stacks Community Governance Resident
February 7 , 2024
We are thrilled to announce that all three Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs) have approved the Nakamoto Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP), another milestone in the ongoing development of Stacks, the leading Bitcoin L2.
SIP Editors
Vet SIP to ensure that it is well-formed and serve as facilitators and educators throughout the SIP process.
Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs)
Provide feedback on SIPs, actively engage in discussions, and participate in voting to determine whether proposals should be approved or rejected.
Steering Committee
Oversee the evolution of the Stacks layer design, operation, and governance, ultimately serving as stewards.
Decentralized decision making
For those new to Stacks, it's essential to understand that decentralization lies at the core of our ecosystem. The SIP process ensures that network upgrades are conducted in a decentralized manner, with CABs serving as critical reviewers. This approach ensures that decisions are made with the broad consensus of the community, promoting transparency and inclusivity.
Next steps
With the CABs' approval secured, the Nakamoto Release progresses to the next phase. The Steering Committee will now oversee the Activation Criteria, which includes public community voting for all STX token holders. This process further emphasizes transparency and inclusivity, ensuring that the community's voice is heard in decision-making.

Of course, the Nakamoto SIP must also be approved by the community first - so be sure to prepare to vote!

  • Voting: Voting will take place during reward cycles 78 and 79 (between block 829850 and block 833950) or approximately February 11th. In order for the upgrade to proceed, 80% approval. Check out the Nakamoto countdown and refer to the Nakamoto voting guide for detailed information and FAQs. A Step-by-Step voting guide will also be made available soon.
  • (coming soon): A platform for all Nakamoto-related updates, including technical information, news, and event details.
  • The Nakamoto upgrade launch window is April 15 - 29, 2024, if approved by the community.
Want to learn more or get involved?
  • For newcomers interested in participating in the SIP process, you can learn more about SIPs and discover 10 ways to engage here.
  • SIP Calls take place every Friday and are open to the public.
  • Attend Bitcoin Unleashed: a virtual event coming on February 22nd.