New Signer Alert: Luganodes Has Entered Bitcoin L2 Chat
by Mitchell Cuevas on February 1, 2024
Hey Stackers, please join me in welcoming Luganodes to the Stacks community and Bitcoin builders ecosystem. Today, the news went out that Luganodes is bringing its world-class infrastructure to the Stacks network as we head toward the Nakamoto and sBTC upgrades.

They’ll be supporting the Stacks layer as a Signer which will ultimately enable programmable Bitcoin via sBTC later this year and will also be offering White Label solutions that may be interesting to you builders out there. Their institutional chops are particularly impressive and we’re grateful they’ve joined our efforts to activate the Bitcoin economy in new ways.

For more, I definitely encourage you to check out their piece detailing how they look at Stacks and sBTC as critical components in the proliferation of Bitcoin DeFi and other use cases that serve Bitcoiners.

For the rest of this post, I wanted to offer something more of a personal take on the news:

Why should Stackers be excited?
As a fellow Stacker, I’ll start with a few reasons I’m excited. In doing so I also hope to offer a glimpse into the great team Luganodes brings to the table.

  • They get Bitcoin. And, they understand Bitcoin layers are a promising path to scaling Bitcoin-focused applications. With partnerships, we look for those who are not just willing to make a deal but are long-term value-aligned. The Luganodes team checks that box.
  • They get staking. And, they get it from all sides. They’re thoughtful about the various user experiences they offer and go deep with each ecosystem they support which will now include Stacks. Further, Luganodes supports 30+ leading PoS networks, allowing us to draw on the experience and expertise they’ve developed seeing all kinds of technology and scenarios relevant to staking.
  • They get service. Luganodes' entire business is built on making sure their systems are online, accessible, and ready for you to use at any time. They’re just about perfect here, sporting a 99.99% uptime and offering varying levels of support per your needs.
  • They get compliance and security. Factors that have always been strengths for the Stacks project, Luganodes shares. With ISO27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certifications, GDPR compliance, and audits by Quantstamp, they prioritize both compliance and the safety of their clients' assets. Additionally, they offer slashing insurance for institutional clients, reinforcing their commitment in delivering secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure
How to get started with Luganodes
For now, you can reach out via the ‘Get Started’ form for Signers on the sBTC website if you’re a builder or institution looking to learn more about Luganodes’ solutions. In the meantime, our team will be directly supporting Luganodes with their integration and guiding them through testing on the Nakamoto (and eventually sBTC testnet) so their solutions are available with the launches.

At the Stacks Foundation, we’re honored to be a home for partnerships that bring key infrastructure to the Stacks layer and to work with teams that are leaders in their respective categories. You can most certainly look forward to more announcements as we head toward the Nakamoto launch and don’t forget to dive into the upcoming events we have planned!