Bitcoin Builders Submit 36 Projects in the Ready Layer 2 Competition
Meet the winners and learn more about the latest edition of Ready Layer 2
by Adam Haun on April 5th, 2024
On March 8th, the Stacks Foundation launched the second Ready Layer 2 Competition (RL2).

The first RL2 Competition took place last August 2023, concluding with several promising projects, some still active today.

This RL2, we knew we had to raise the bar. Bitcoin Layer 2s, the long-awaited next step for Bitcoin, are having a big moment. Established crypto names like Coindesk and Messari have picked up on the trend. Even traditional finance giants like Franklin Templeton are weighing in.

In the Stacks ecosystem, the Nakamoto upgrade is rapidly approaching, followed by the highly anticipated release of sBTC.

Ready Layer 2 was designed to empower builders to learn about building on Bitcoin, launch projects on Stacks, and connect with like-minded builders in the Stacks ecosystem.
The Competition
To elevate the builder’s experience during the competition, we extended this version of Ready Layer 2 to span over two weeks with three separate tracks filled with content, office hours, and mentor sessions. The three tracks were focused on DeFi, Bitcoin + AI, and a General Pitch track for non-technical/coded projects.

As a result, over 400 individuals registered for the event, and Stacks Builders submitted 36 total projects.

To put this in perspective, this led to:
  • 16 days of learning, building, and connecting
  • 7 Partner-led Workshops
  • Over 30 hours of mentorship and supportive office hours

In the end, nine judges evaluated projects per track, focusing on requirements such as technology use, functionality, security, feasibility, and potential impact.
$17k + In-Kind Prizes
The Stacks Foundation handsomely awarded prizes to the top teams of each track.

In addition to $17K in cash prizes, the Stacks Foundation offered in-kind prizes including:
  • Automatic interviews with
  • BTC StartupLab
  • Reserved placement in the
  • N21 Program
  • Exposure in announcements and Twitter Spaces
  • $1,500 worth of NFTs
  • Free tickets to Bitcoin Unleashed 2024
  • One-on-one meetings with special mentors
Winners by Track
After a competitive evaluation period, judges awarded prizes to the top three teams of each track. Results for each track are listed below. All submissions can be found on the
Ready Layer 2 DevPost page.

  • 1st Place: Sata - A restaking collective for BTC offers sBTC and STXstx stakers the opportunity to opt-in to validate new software modules built on top of the BTC ecosystem.
  • 2nd Place: Teller - Contribute with the Community CLI. Tailored access and insights, plus a developer-friendly platform for future enhancements and smooth on-boarding.
  • 3rd Place: Skullcoin - A unique Find-to-Earn concept, creating a GameFi with a sustainable economy, this Web3 game innovates Encrypted NFTs (eNFTs) with two layers of information: public and private.
  • Honorable Mention: Light Finance - The stablecoin that helps you earn more Bitcoin. The only stablecoin with native yield for BTC and fixed yield on your USD.

Bitcoin + AI
  • 1st Place: Clarity Craft AI - Empowering Smart Contracts: Convert, Audit, Enhance with ClarityCraft.
  • 2nd Place: DeIns Mutual - DeIns Mutual is a decentralized mutual insurance-like product. Our goal is to offer permissionless insurance coverage for on-chain events with settlements on Bitcoin.
  • 3rd Place: OclipAI - AI application converting long videos to short clips & memes.

General Pitch
  • 1st Place: Liquid STX Mining - A decentralized liquid STX mining pool for liquid staking pools. Using the pooled capital rewards from liquid staking pools, we can contribute to STX mining in a meaningful and scalable way.
  • 2nd Place: Jooey - Meme coins have taken over web3. NOT, Welsh, LEO, and many more running wild in the STX ecosystem. What if there was an easy way to make the next big MEME coin? Now you can!
  • 3rd Place: Stacks Creator Platform - A platform for creators to set up a shop and sell their products.
Partners That Made It Happen
The Stacks Foundation partnered with a few incredible organizations to make RL2 possible.

Xverse, the leading Bitcoin wallet
Xverse played a major role from the beginning to the end of the competition. From being the competition’s wallet partner to hosting an engaging workshop on Simplifying Bitcoin app development with Connect to holding office hours and judging project submissions, the Xverse team supported RL2 throughout.

Hiro, developer tools for Bitcoin
Hiro led a virtual workshop helping builders learn to write Clarity contracts in the
Hiro Platform and set up Chainhooks for seamless integration with Bitcoin and Stacks.

Hiro regularly provides builders with educational resources, including
Clarinet, the go-to tool for local smart contract development, the Ordinals Explorer, a powerful interface for discovering and searching for new inscriptions, and the
Bitcoin DeFi E-Book.

ALEX, Bitcoin DeFi protocol
ALEX supported RL2 builders with a workshop showcasing the potential of Bitcoin DeFi and how to seamlessly merge L1 assets with L2 solutions. The workshop empowered builders with composable code blocks, unified liquidity, and a vision for a thriving ecosystem.

Following the workshop, Hadan Esperidiao held office hour sessions, and Rachel Yu was a judge for the competition.

The Bitcoin + AI Working Group
The Bitcoin + AI Working Group hosted a workshop and Q&A session focusing on recent developments and how to unlock new possibilities with Bitcoin L2 integrations. Group Lead Jason Schrader held multiple office hours and was a judge of the competition.

NoCodeClarity, building on Bitcoin seamless for anyone
NoCodeClarity provided a live workshop focusing on powerful automation tools for streamlining app development on the Bitcoin blockchain. Founder, Christopher Perceptions held live office hours and awarded the top two NoCode projects with lifetime passes of the
NoCodeClarity NFT.

DLC.Link, native Bitcoin in smart contracts on Ethereum
DLC Link, a friend and supporter of Bitcoin innovation across ecosystems, promoted and sponsored the RL2 competition, enabling the program to offer greater value for the participants.
What's Next
As the second Ready Layer 2: Bitcoin Builder Competition comes to a close, the excitement for Bitcoin L2 innovation only amplifies.

Recently, several of the esteemed judges and partners from the Competition convened on a Twitter Space to share their experiences and gleanings from the submitted projects of the competition. Their resounding consensus echoes the vibrant surge of Bitcoin L2 innovation, teeming with untapped opportunities for groundbreaking disruption.

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Questions? Curiosities? Don't hesitate to reach out! Drop us a line at [email protected] for any inquiries related to the Ready Layer 2: Bitcoin Builder Competition. Your participation fuels our passion, and we can't wait to hear from you!