Stacks Residents & Contributors Program Update
By Grant Nissly, Application Launch Coordinator
February 27, 2024
The Stacks ecosystem has never been more exciting.

The Stacks Foundation officially announced a launch window for the Nakamoto Update — the long-awaited upgrade to Stacks that will enable faster and more secure transactions, 100% Bitcoin finality, and the introduction of sBTC, a trustless, two-way Bitcoin peg.

The Nakamoto Update also kicks off the SIP (Stacks Improvement Proposal) process involving community reviews and an open vote for adoption.

The broader web3 industry is recognizing the significance of the narrative, as shown by a report from blockchain asset management firm Spartan Group, media coverage from outlets like Blockworks and CoinDesk, along with coverage from investors like Tim Draper and Paul Veradittakit.

Companies building on Stacks are gaining tens of millions in TVL traction and raising millions in funding.

It truly feels like there is a building renaissance in Bitcoin.

With this excitement, builders, residents, grantees, and contributors from around the world are stepping up to support Stacks, Bitcoin, and the promise of creating a better financial system.

Let’s have a look at what they’re up to.
The Stacks Foundation enables Stacks Residents to engage in longer-term research and development projects to support the Stacks Ecosystem. Let’s hear from our current Residents.
Andre Serrano, sBTC Go-to-Market
Twitter/X: @andrerserrano
GitHub: andrerserrano
Discord: andre.btc
GitHub Proposal, January 2023

Project Overview:
Andre is the sBTC Go-to-Market Stacks Resident responsible for driving awareness, adoption, and support for sBTC.

His residency plays a key role in defining use cases, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, and ensuring accountability for key milestones related to sBTC.

Andre Serrano
sBTC Go-to-Market Stacks Resident
HeroGamer, Community Governance
Twitter/X: @herogamer21btc
GitHub: Hero-Gamer
Discord: herogamer0001
GitHub Proposal, June 2022

Project Overview:
HeroGamer is the Stacks Community Governance Resident responsible for facilitating and encouraging more contributions to the core Stacks blockchain via the Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP) process.

During the Residency, HeroGamer aims to facilitate fully-scoped and well-formed SIPs, streamline the SIP process, build a strong team of contributors such as SIP Editors, build metrics to track the SIP process, and more.

Stacks Community Governance Resident
Nikos Baxevanis, Testing and Security Researcher
Twitter/X: @nikosbaxevanis
GitHub: moodmosaic
Discord: moodmosaic
GitHub Proposal, January 2024

Project Overview:
Nikos’s Stacks Residency centers around developing an advanced fuzz testing tool for the stacks-node RPC interface, Clarity VM, and clarity-wasm compiler. In developing this tool, Nikos hopes to boost smart contract security within the Stacks ecosystem.
This work supports Stacks’ mission by enhancing the blockchain's security and reliability.

Nikos Baxevanis
Testing and Security Researcher
Mike Cohen, Technical Lead: sBTC Bridge
Twitter/X: @radicleart
GitHub: radicleart
Discord: mijoco.btc

Project Overview:
Mike is focused on building the sBTC Bridge, a community application for sBTC deposits and withdrawals. The sBTC Bridge is central to the Stacks’ mission. In Mike’s words, the sBTC Bridge serves “to enhance bitcoin, to make bitcoin scale and to pave the way to a decentralised internet.”

In addition, Mike is working on:
  • revealer API, which supports the sBTC core protocol with commit reveal deposits.
  • and preparing for the upcoming SIP votes.
  • sbtc loans, which demonstrates sBTC in combination with Bitcoin DLC technology.

Mike Cohen
Technical Lead; sBTC Bridge
In addition to Stacks Residents, Contributors support the Stacks ecosystem via a range of involvement. Let’s meet our current contributors.
Across Fire, Stacks Educator
Twitter/X: @AcrossFireX
Discord: acrossfire.btc

Project Overview:
Across Fire is engaged in educational efforts within the Stacks ecosystem, supporting both the sBTC and upcoming Nakamoto Testnet programs. This includes creating study guides and conducting Friday Community SIP call sessions.

The project's goal is to ensure the community understands technical updates and their implications, fostering informed decisions during SIP voting.

This effort aligns with Stacks' mission to maintain decentralization by educating the community, thus empowering members to actively participate in shaping the blockchain's future. Through education, Across Fire aims to distribute the responsibility of the network's direction, emphasizing the collective role in its evolution.

Across Fire
Stacks Educator
Alex Graebe, Developer Onboarding
GitHub: agraebe
Discord: alexgraebe

Project Overview:
Alex is currently focused on enhancing the developer onboarding and broader developer experience within the Stacks ecosystem. The primary goals of Alex's project include reducing friction and gaps in developer onboarding, improving retention rates of onboarded developers, and increasing the number of applications that leverage the unique capabilities of Stacks. By achieving these objectives, Alex aims to further Stacks' mission by enabling more developers to build better applications on Stacks, thereby tapping into the Bitcoin economy more effectively.

Alex Graebe
Developer Onboarding
Albu Ioan, Engineering Partner
GitHub: BowTiedDevOps
Discord: BowTiedDevOps

Project Overview:
Albu's current projects consist of adding new or transferring CI workflows from one repository to another. The primary goal of these projects is to simplify the process for making necessary changes to the Stacks code base. This initiative advances Stacks’ mission by eliminating the need to open multiple PRs on the stacks-core repository whenever a change is needed. Now, only a single PR must be opened for any required modification.

Albu Ioan
Engineering Partner
Grant Nissly, Application Launch Coordinator
Twitter/X: @grant_nissly
Discord: grant_nissly

Project Overview:
As the Application Launch Coordinator, Grant’s current project focuses on helping applications within the Stacks ecosystem gain user traction. Ahead of the Nakamoto and sBTC launches, Stacks must support companies and applications building on Stacks to show what is possible in building on Stacks.

Grant supports applications and the broader Stacks Comms teams with content, marketing, community, and business development.

Grant Nissly
Application Launch Coordinator