Ortege: Your Gateway to Stacks and Bitcoin Data
A new era of data access for the Stacks Community
By Stacks Foundation Team on April 15th, 2024
Today, we are thrilled to welcome all builders and Stacks community members to leverage Ortege, a powerful platform offering data and insights centered on Stacks, including projects built on top of the leading Bitcoin layer, as well as the greater Bitcoin ecosystem. As the Stacks layer grows, so too does the importance of empowering builders and the community with robust data resources. Ortege makes this a reality, offering a diverse array of data sets centered on the unique needs of the Stacks ecosystem.
Ortege for builders: what's possible
If you’re a builder, Ortege is your one-stop resource for all kinds of Stacks and Bitcoin data.

Developers can now efficiently manage and showcase essential data pertinent to their applications without the necessity of directly integrating with the blockchain.

Looking to unlock the latest numbers on your monthly active users or unique wallet holders? Want to visualize the amount of STX deposited into your protocol, or the transaction volume from your DEX? Ortege covers this and countless other possibilities, allowing users to drag and drop info and customize their own dashboards. This type of data and visualization helps builders to better understand their growth, share progress with their community and potential investors, and beyond.

For example, back in December, Stacking DAO became the first Liquid Stacking protocol on Stacks and added over $100 million in TVL in just a few short months (read the full story here). Thanks to Ortege, this data was painless to quickly pull and visualize:
Ortege Tools
Anyone in the Stacks or wider Bitcoin ecosystem can sign up through the Ortege website and begin creating charts and dashboards after querying Stacks and/or Bitcoin data.
For blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors. Studio allows users to delve into detailed analysis created by the Ortege team and community in order to do deep dives into blockchains and understand what's happening, what's being built, what the market sentiment is, and other key data that informs decision making.
For companies building in the blockchain space that are looking to outsource the data aggregation layer. This tool is ideal for wallets, explorers, market makers and others who can integrate with Ortege's data to add extra features to their product offerings.
API Infrastructure
For companies exploring integrations. Ortege offers seamless access to extensive blockchain datasets, enabling companies to enrich their applications and services with high-quality, reliable blockchain data. From startups to established enterprises, our API facilitates efficient, cost-effective integration, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-evolving blockchain space.
OrtegeGPT (coming soon)
For everyone. OrtegeGPT, once launched, will allow anyone to ask questions about any dataset supported in Lakehouse and receive an answer from an LLM. Historically, you would have to look at a data analyst platform and write SQL to get detailed insights into on-chain activity. OrtegeGPT will change that by allowing users to ask questions about on-chain data and have the answers immediately without having to go through numerous different apps.

Here’s a quick look at Ortege tools and how different types of users can leverage these resources.
Blockchain Enthusiast
Dashboards, SQL Lab
API, All Datasets
Crypto Investors
Dashboards, SQL Lab
Pricing, DEX Datasets
Data Analysts
All Datasets
Ortege in Action: More Data Visualization Examples
In this chart, the “heatmap” visualization is used to graphically display values by date for stSTX deposited. The darker colors relate to higher values being deposited and lighter colors relate to net outflows from the protocol.
In the below chart, you can see the STX-stSTX TVL for Bitflow, offering up a clear view for how much in USD is stored in Bitflow smart contracts.
More Examples
  • With Ortege, you can easily query all Stacking pools and certain attributes about them.
  • Ortege AI is the sole data analytics platform on Stacks designed for analyzing Ordinals data.
  • Unlike centralized and gatekept alternatives, Ortege provides inclusivity by enabling anyone to incorporate Dashboards or charts for any activity on Stacks.
  • Ortege’s inclusive approach democratizes data access within Stacks, empowering any protocol or project to undergo thorough data analysis.
Data Resources = Stronger Ecosystems
As Bitcoin DeFi continues to move towards mainstream adoption, the need for strong data resources becomes increasingly important. Ortege, bringing a wealth of Stacks-centric data and insights, provides crucial tools for keeping markets efficient and establishing a mature ecosystem.

With Ortege, anyone can understand how liquidity is flowing into the ecosystem, which is critical for a healthy Defi ecosystem – and having tools available for market makers and arbitrageurs to keep markets efficient is essential for a mature ecosystem. Good data results in smart analyses and profits; traders making profits in an ecosystem is a key indication that the ecosystem is strong and growing and allows for more people to join.
Learn More + Start Using Ortege
Ortege’s resources power an unprecedented level of convenience when it comes to data. Whether it's identifying emerging trends, assessing market dynamics, or optimizing project strategies, Ortege empowers the Stacks community to intuitively explore Stacks data and discover trends that were previously inaccessible or very difficult to obtain.

We encourage you to dive in and see what’s possible with Ortege. Below are great places to get started.

  • Builders: We recommend starting with introductory articles on using Ortege Studio for dashboard creation and exploring Stacks' proof-of-transfer insights. These resources will equip you with the knowledge to navigate and make the most of the dashboard.
  • Crypto enthusiasts and Ortege-curious can check out existing dashboards here and explore data. In the coming months, the team will be releasing OrtegeGPT for public use.
  • Looking for API access? Currently, you can reach out to the Ortege team via email ([email protected]), or via Twitter or Discord.
  • All Ortege x Stacks docs can be found here.