Ortege and Stacks: Introducing Bitcoin Layer Insights with Cutting-Edge AI Tools
by the Stacks Foundation team on February 12, 2024
As the demand for Bitcoin layer data and insights continues to grow, especially with the rapid expansion of Bitcoin DeFi, so does a critical need for robust data solutions. Within the Stacks ecosystem, there’s a high demand for comprehensive data support as builders seek to leverage the opportunities presented by layer 2 capabilities.

Ortege steps in to bridge this gap in an environment where such tools are scarce. With a suite of traditional and AI-based solutions, Ortege brings the power of data to Stacks developers.
Empowering builders
The Ortege and Stacks integration empowers Stacks developers with seamless access to essential data, laying a solid foundation for the creation of durable Bitcoin solutions. Ortege brings Stacks into OrtegeETL, an open-source Extract Transform Load library - enabling developers to effortlessly export Stacks data. Among other features, community members will also gain the freedom to customize their dashboards to suit their needs.

In the next few weeks, builders will have access to a wide range of Ortege tools, including features such as:

✅ Customizable dashboards
✅ Wide range of visualizations
✅ Advanced data exploration tools
✅ User-friendly SQL editor
With the full Stacks blockchain history being indexed into Ortege Lakehouse, the community will have access to advanced data analytics. Ortege Studio, Ortege’s flagship tool, will provide comprehensive data access and insights, enabling users to explore and analyze smart contracts, blocks, and transactions with new depth and granularity.
A forward-thinking integration for the Bitcoin ecosystem
Beyond offering immediate insights, Ortege ensures a continuous flow of critical data to support solutions over time. This integration addresses the surging demand for data and contributes to nurturing a more vibrant and sustainable Bitcoin ecosystem.
Learn more and get started
  • Ortege tools will be available for the Stacks community in the next few weeks.
  • Join the Stacks DeFi show tomorrow for a discussion and more information on what this means for the community.
  • Check out the Ortege docs library here for an overview on capabilities and offerings.