Stepping into Chairperson Role: A Letter from Brittany Laughlin of the Stacks Foundation
By Brittany Laughlin on January 9, 2024

I’m excited to share that I’m taking the next step in my journey building Stacks. I am stepping up from the Executive Director role into the Chairperson role on the Stacks Foundation Board to continue to support this amazing ecosystem.

I’m thrilled to announce that Mitchell Cuevas is the new Interim Executive Director. Mitchell was previously the Director of Activation at the Foundation and formerly Head of Growth at Hiro PBC and an early Stacks team member. He’s a visionary for what’s possible, a problem solver, and a passionate leader who always focuses on efficient execution. The Stacks Foundation is in excellent hands under his leadership going into the Nakamoto launch happening later this year.

It’s been incredible to witness the evolution of the Stacks ecosystem over the last decade and 2024 has the potential to be our greatest year yet. I started my work with Muneeb back in 2014 as an investor in the early days when Muneeb and Ryan were building on the Bitcoin L1. I believed in the vision then and I’ve been passionate about bringing it to life over the past ten years as an early stage investor through USV, a token investor through Lattice Ventures, an executive within the Stacks project starting in 2019, and as the founder of the Stacks Foundation in 2020.

In my new role as Chairperson, I will continue to champion our mission through my board work, as a participant in community events, and as a contributor. I am grateful to the Board and team for their support in this career move so I can continue working in the ecosystem, advising on strategic plans, and to carve out extra time with my young and growing family.

I couldn’t be more excited to witness this new chapter for Stacks and the Foundation. In the coming year alone, Stacks is poised for groundbreaking developments in the ecosystem, with the highly anticipated Nakamoto upgrade set to revolutionize our platform and elevate the entire network. Our expanding community, fueled by innovative partnerships, programs and resources, and a commitment to decentralized governance, is primed to propel Stacks to the forefront of Bitcoin's next wave of innovation. We believe Bitcoin and adjacent open-source technology ecosystems will become the foundation for a safer, more equitable, more open internet.

The Stacks Foundation, its leadership, and the entire community are ready to activate the Bitcoin economy with the leading Layer 2 technology. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, fostering growth and innovation for a decentralized future. Stacks is poised to lead the way in the next phase of global growth, pushing boundaries and driving innovation that benefits everyone in the blockchain space. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us next.

Thank you,
Brittany Laughlin