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Q2 2020
Innovation on Bitcoin is in full swing. From Stacks Accelerator teams to new use cases and integrations for Stacking and STX, the Stacks Ecosystem continues to blossom. This edition covers major partnerships, news, content, and updates all Stackers should know.
Q4 2020 + Stacks 2.0 Mainnet Launch (Q1)
This is a very special edition of the quarterly ecosystem updates as it comes after one of the most monumental stretches in Stacks history: a period that saw the community successfully launch Stacks 2.0 and start a new era of innovation for Bitcoin.
Updates prior to Q4 2020 were compiled by Blockstack PBC and shared on They are shown here for convenience.
Q3 2020
You know an ecosystem is truly blossoming when it’s actually hard to compile quarterly updates and make them fit in a single email. It’s always amazing to see just how much gets done toward our mission of building a user-owned internet on Bitcoin every 3 months. I’m thankful for the many long days and late nights I see from the PBC team and from community members throughout the world as we collectively push toward the launch of Stacks 2.0. It will be an incredible moment for the Stacks ecosystem as well the crypto industry, as we bring a world of new possibilities to Bitcoin via apps and smart contracts.
Q2 2020
As the world continues to grapple with the effects of Covid-19 and the United States battles racial injustice, I’ve been encouraged by our community’s dedication to building a more just and equitable society. These are difficult and uncertain times, but we remain committed to building a user-owned internet at a time it is more needed than ever. This work continued during the past quarter, highlighted by Stacks 2.0 development and continued decentralization efforts.
Q1 2020
Being headquartered in the heart of NYC and with team and community spread globally, we’ve shared the concerns and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19. We started working from home in early March and worked with evangelists to keep community efforts safe. Blockstack PBC was fortunate to have raised $23M just six months ago and we continue to execute against our roadmap. Our mission of building a user owned internet is truly more relevant than ever.
Q4 2019
Welcome to 2020! I’m really excited about what’s ahead for the Blockstack ecosystem this year. We can’t wait to share big updates in the coming weeks this January. First though, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the previous year. 2019 was the year of growth for Blockstack. Apps built on Blockstack went from 46 to 300+, and awareness for Blockstack increased by 30x over 2019. We opened up our network to a broad audience, Stacks holders increased to 5000+ from ~800, and we introduced liquidity for Stacks.
Q3 2019
Q3 2019 continued Blockstack's momentum, resulting in more than 100 new apps being built during the quarter, making over 270 live today. Fundraising: More than 4,500 individuals and entities participated in Blockstack token offerings. We raised $23M+ in these offerings. Awareness: Blockstack awareness continued to grow, increasing by nearly 3x. We went from 125.9 million reach in Q2, to 341.9 million in Q3 (as measured by Awario).
Q2 2019
It's been a historic quarter for the Blockstack ecosystem: The Blockstack token offering became the first in US history to receive SEC qualification. We're proud to lead the industry toward regulatory clarity for crypto assets. The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, and Yahoo! Finance shared more of the details. Q2 was one of our strongest quarters of growth. The total number of independent apps/startups built on Blockstack went from 86 to 165.
Q1 2019
Apps built on Blockstack grew from 46 at the beginning of Q1 to a total of 86 by the end (63 took part in the App Mining program). As we focus on spreading our message to developers, we improved the reach of our online mentions (as measured by Awario) from 3.7 million (Q3) and 11.9 million (Q4) to 43.1 million in Q1. We publicly filed our $50M token offering with the SEC and much more...
Q4 2018
Q4 2018 was marked by the launch of our Stacks blockchain, unlocking $25M in capital upon reaching Milestone 1 and delivering on the technology we outlined in our 2017 token offering. Blockstack apps more than doubled last quarter, going from 17 to 46 - a trend we’re seeing continue into Q1. Please find the detailed updates...
Q3 2018
I’m excited to share some of what we’ve been working on for the past few months at Blockstack. I’ve included an overview of some recent developments, an update on our hiring needs, and a look at the landscape of our technology and ecosystem. I hope you find this update valuable. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear it.
Q1/Q2 2018
The past few months have been seminal to the growth of Blockstack’s decentralized app ecosystem and community of open source developers. We’re excited to share updates on what we’ve accomplished in the last few months.
Q4 2017
This is the first of many quarterly community updates. We’ll cover the last few months of developments across the Blockstack ecosystem and provide a lookahead for the months to come. For the longtime Blockstack enthusiasts, we hope you enjoy this new tradition. For the newcomers, including many who participated in our token sale, we welcome you. See the full community update below.
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