Q2 2023 | Introducing Stacks Foundation OKRs
by Mitchell Cuevas on April 27, 2023
It's that time again, we’re introducing the Stacks Foundation objectives for Q2 2023. Don't miss Q1's recap while you're at it!
The quick version: sBTC, sBTC, sBTC. :)

  • Resourcing and alignment on sBTC will continue to be a major focus of this quarter's OKRs, along with research related to Nakamoto. In addition, we'll support core developer onboarding throughout the ecosystem and improve the testing and security practices of the network.
  • Realigning messaging around Stacks as a Bitcoin Layer will be a continued focus as the Stacks Foundation supports brand explorations related to sBTC and Stacks and keeps up key properties such as CMC and others. This lays the groundwork for a smooth and well-received sBTC launch.
  • Developer education and experience will also be crucial components of upcoming objectives and be fed by a robust event, Meetup, and hackathon slate powered by Community Leaders. These developers will be critical in providing feedback on sBTC releases and driving initial traction.
Q1 2023 Objective Overview and Rationale
Read about each high-level OKR below, or read to the full table of detailed OKRs and projects.
(A) R&D: Network Upgrades & Improvements
Last quarter's themes, Stacks Blockchain Security and Increasing Blockchain Development Velocity/Capacity, will be carried forward. There are some key network issues to be resolved, such as the Bitcoin MEV work, which our team is taking the lead on and some work to do in terms of how the decentralized ecosystem (which has seen a sharp rise in core developers and contributors) best ensures smooth testing and rollouts. A number of improvements around communication were made, including the @StacksStatus twitter and status page, but there is still room to catch the collective processes up with both the size of the contributor base and size of the codebase(s).

In parallel, we're continuing our successful efforts to help the ecosystem staff up on the core developer front. We are closing in on a target of 20 core devs across entities and placed our own security lead as well. We've provided initial funding to BitcoinL2 Labs, a core development focused entity that has begun hiring.

Last but not least, we've identified and onboarded legal firms to ensure sBTC takes the latest regulatory environment into account. We have also engaged a tokenomics firm to advise on various solutions and improvements proposed for the network and will share this data freely so the community will be well-informed if any of these proposals reach a SIP. Both these workstreams will be a focus in Q2 and likely into Q3.
(B) 860 Stacks Developers (+30% over Q1 ‘23)
Same as last quarter! Developers are the lifeblood of the ecosystem and we always look to partner with, support, or directly manage our own programs to offer them value and grow the talent pool in the Stacks ecosystem.

Importantly, work in this category ladders into sBTC success in two ways:
  • Grassroots community activations grow the places we can distribute sBTC later
  • Activating the community more efficiently via well-scoped Critical Bounties means contributions are squarely aimed at systems and tooling that support sBTC and the Nakamoto release.

We'll also be flexing our community growth expertise to ramp up new interest and activity on the network, primarily aimed at generating quality feedback on early sBTC tests and setting the stage for critical SIPs related to Nakamoto.
(C) Increase total Community Leaders to 1050 (+10% over Q1 ‘23) and create new inroads for Bitcoin community members
With Ordinals catalyzing a renewed sense of innovation in the Bitcoin world, we are eager to support new would-be Bitcoin builders. We'll be partnering or supporting workshops. Meetups, and hackathons that are welcoming to new Bitcoin builders and creators. This will be in addition to our robust events schedule that is serving the Stacks Ecosystem.

Every new community members we can educate and onboard now is one that will potentially create a breakout application using sBTC later. We’re in the process of updating and tweaking our successful educational programs to welcome these types of Bitcoin builder personas.
(D) Publish updated Stacks narrative and supporting community resources
Last quarter saw the rollout of clarified Stacks messaging on key properties as the ecosystem consolidated around the positioning of Stacks as a Bitcoin layer. There is further work to be done in developer resources for the community and a new Working Group focused on brand will take the lead on these and further brand/messaging upgrades for both sBTC and Stacks. The Stacks Foundation will support these efforts with our teammates time and expertise and by ensuring that community is made an integral part of the process. This work has just kicked off and all are welcome.
Full OKR Table
See each objective broken down line by line with specific numbers, links, and more.
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