March 23, 2022
2023 Stacks Events Roundup
by Shannon Voight on March 23, 2022
At the Stacks Foundation, Q1 has been a whirlwind of exciting conferences, hackathons, workshops, meetups and we’re just getting started - let the Spring event season and beyond begin! Check out what we’ve been up to and find out how you can join us at future events this year.

DeFi Denver: March 1st
Stacks Foundation Developer Advocate Kenny Rogers gave a talk on ‘The Rise of Bitcoin DeFi’, which discussed the opportunity awaiting people building on Bitcoin, why Bitcoin is an excellent choice for DeFi, and how to actually accomplish this from a technology perspective.

The Stacks Foundation and Hiro hosted a developer workshop during ETH Denver at the Maven Hotel with Kenny Rogers, Adam Haun (Head of Community Programs, Stacks Foundation) and Joe Bender (Community Manager, Hiro Systems) where they reviewed the latest Stacks and Hiro updates, which included Clarity and Clarinet developments.
Why is building in a bear market the best time to build? We answered that from strategy, to building on bitcoin, hiring, job opps, Ordinals, NFTs, and what builders are focused on next. We were joined with Jenny Mith (Ecosystem Development Lead, Stacks Foundation), Orlando Cosme (Founder, Stacker DAOs), Joe Bender (Hiro), Olga (Trust Machines) and Andre Serrano (Trust Machines, and Stacker DAOs).

Building on Bitcoin Hackathon: Feb 24 - March 7th
Stacks Foundation produced the Building on Bitcoin Hackathon which saw over 90 participants and received great submissions. Read more about the winning entries here.

Stacks Foundation will be sponsoring the upcoming Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon. The hack invites innovators to come together to build the sustainable Bitcoin economy. We aspire to be the "Olympics" for the Bitcoin Defi & Ordinals Movement.

The notion of building on Bitcoin has seen a massive revival over the past month, catalyzed in large part by Ordinals. Brand new builders, investors, and users are recognizing the unique opportunity to activate and enrich the Bitcoin economy.

As a result, interest in Bitcoin-based protocols like Lightning, Stacks, Ordinals, and others is growing rapidly. To learn more, join us for in-depth conversations and exciting announcements as Bitcoin evolves beyond just a store of value.

Join us for in-depth conversations and revolutionary announcements about Bitcoin’s evolution to becoming more than just a store of value.
hack.summit: March 31st - April 1st
A Virtual Conference for Blockchain Developers featuring pioneers in our industry while supporting good causes. Stacks Foundation will be sponsoring the event and will be tuning in to hear Muneeb Ali, Co-Creator of Stacks speak on “Ordinals and Bitcoin L2s” during the event.

Stacks Foundation and Hiro will be returning to Consensus this year in a shared booth, spots 925 and 926 from Wednesday - Friday that week. Stop by, meet Stacks and Hiro folks, get some free merch and hear all about the latest updates from us. We’d love to meet you. Use Promo code: Stacks25 for a 25% discount. We’re also taking part in three events that week that you won't want to miss:

Gamma, Stacks Foundation and Hiro are activating a Bitcoin NFT gallery at Nolcha NFT.NYC’s immersive art exhibition at Art District Live. Attendees will engage with multi-versed artists and creators who boldly mix realities and leverage technology, block-chain based art, web3 native live music, and AI driven installations in a state of the art visually next level 360 degree immersive venue, challenging perceptions of what art can be. Stay tuned for the event registration link on Friday, which can be found on the Stacks events calendar. Learn more here (access code: STACKSNYC).

Stacks will be participating in the first Bitcoin Builders Conference, which kicks off Bitcoin 2023 Miami week. The event will attract Bitcoin core developers, Layer 2 ecosystem leaders, ordinals innovators, and touch on topics such as Rollups, Wallets, Dev tooling, Core Development, Security and DeFi. This ecosystem-agnostic event will offer developers and innovators strong educational content through hands-on workshops, panels with engineering leaders, and insightful industry keynotes, not to mention the space to test drive the latest development tools. Attendees can connect with like-minded creators and builders across Bitcoin ecosystems at the developer hackathon, lounges, after party and partner events.

Stacks Foundation will be sponsoring the newly formed Ordinals Conference and Hackathon taking place in Miami during Bitcoin 2023. The event will bring together the top builders, projects and investors pioneering the future of digital artifacts. The hackathon will kick off on April 24th.

Sneak Peek at the rest of 2023
The Stacks Foundation will be rolling out an exciting Bitcoin Unleashed summit series kicking off in September with multiple international cities lined up. Attendees will hear from industry-leading founders, researchers, and developers and get an inside look into the most important innovations and collaborations across the blockchain ecosystem. Details to be announced very soon but trust us, you won't want to miss out on these events. Please reference the Stacks events calendar for info as they become available.

Stacks Twitter spaces (ongoing)
The Stacks Foundation hosts a bi-weekly show at 5pm ET on Wednesdays where we discuss trending topics, Ordinals, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, scalability, sustainability, interoperability, the future of Stacks, and so much more. Watch previous shows on the link below and follow @stacks on Twitter for updates on these events.

Bitcoin Builders Office Hours with Kenny Rogers, Stacks Foundation Developer Advocate will take place in Stacks Discord every Tuesday.

Speaking, sponsoring, and other activations
For more information on Stacks events and our activations at the upcoming NFT.NYC, Consensus, Bitcoin 2023, Korea Blockchain Week, Messari Mainnet, Chainlink’s SmartCon Summit or Art Basel, etc., please visit our events calendar here.

Something missing?
It’s obviously impossible to plan the entire year today, so there’s wiggle room in the schedule and we’ve intentionally left room to be opportunistic as new events come online. If you hear of an event you think is a can’t miss opportunity, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If it doesn’t make sense for us to take on, we’ll likely be able to set you or others up with resources to make it happen.

❤️ See you out there!

Shannon drives event and marketing programs for the Stacks Foundation. Prior to joining the Stacks Foundation, Shannon worked with Blockstack / Hiro for five years where she produced numerous events and hackathons, which included the annual Blocktack Summit. Additionally, she spent over 11 years honing her skills as an event and program producer, talent manager, and brand strategist at Condé Nast Publishing and Time Inc. @svoight