The Chapters Program: A Grassroots Approach to Building on Bitcoin
Published by Foundation Team on April 10, 2023
The Stacks Foundation Chapters program is an initiative designed to promote and support the growth of local communities of developers, enthusiasts, and users of the Stacks Bitcoin layer. The program is a community-driven initiative designed to support the growth of local Stacks communities around the world.

Community leaders who launch a Stacks Chapter do so with a specific community goal in mind. The goals are designed to promote collaboration, foster engagement, and support the development of meaningful relationships between community leaders and the communities they serve. Chapter leaders propose their ideas, goals, and community outcomes to the Stacks Foundation to identify alignment and a collaborative working structure to reach optimal outcomes.

The Chapters program originated in early 2021 as a way to enable a worldwide community to build a local, grassroots Stacks community in their city. The first Chapters activations took place in multiple locations including Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Korea. Since then, the program has expanded in over a dozen regions worldwide. The program is open to anyone interested in organizing and leading a Stacks community in their area.
Program resources and benefits
The Chapters Program provides a variety of resources and benefits to its members, including:

  1. Funding: Stacks Chapters receive funding from the Stacks Foundation to support their activities, such as hosting events, creating educational materials, and supporting local developers.
  2. Community Support: Stacks Chapters receive hands-on support from the Stacks Foundation peer-to-peer support from other Chapters around the world. Chapter Leaders have access to a global network of Stacks community builders, enthusiasts, developers, thought leaders. Chapters also collaborate with Stacks entities across the ecosystem to support in achieving their goals.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: The Stacks Foundation helps promote the events and activities of its Chapters to a wider audience, increasing awareness of the Stacks layer and its capabilities.
  4. Access to Resources: Stacks Chapters have access to a variety of educational materials, such as tutorials, videos, and blog posts, to help educate their local communities about the Stacks blockchain.
  5. Recognition and Awards: The Stacks Foundation recognizes the achievements of its Chapters and provides awards for outstanding performance and contributions to the Stacks ecosystem.
Meet the Chapter leaders
  • Abdurrachman Mappuji (Puji)
    "My interest in blockchain technology and its potential to create a more decentralized and equitable future led me to start this Chapter in early 2022. With Indonesia's population of over 200 million people, I saw an opportunity to create a vibrant community that can help drive the adoption of web3."

    Chapter achievement: Hosting regular events and educational sessions with the community. It’s been rewarding to watch the community grow from these in-person gatherings. These events are hosted regularly at different locations and universities across the country and are a build up of excitement leading to a larger Bitcoin Builder event this year.

    Discord: mpj#2095
    Email: [email protected]
  • Gordon Christian
    "Stacks has inspired me to explore new opportunities and make discoveries about Bitcoin. I love to connect people striving for excellence in an open source, censorship resistant, and collaborative environment that Stacks offers. But best of all I like doing this knowing all our learners, creators, developers and founders hard work is secured by Bitcoin."

    Chapter achievement: Building an engaged community of women and student developers. Stacks Australia has a strong relationship with staff and students from Griffith University and provide them an opportunity to enter the world of development with web3 and building on Bitcoin with Clarity. They’ve also held initiatives to onboard female artists to the world of NFTs through local supporting efforts with Gamma.

    Discord: crypto1770.btc#6158
    Email: [email protected]
  • Nathaniel Cole
    "I got into Stacks because of the strong ethos and alignment with strengthening the uses of Bitcoin. In the UK there’s a massive Crypto scene, but far too many have forgotten the ethos of the innovation and nobody was talking about Stacks, which I set out to change with the London Chapter."

    Chapter achievement: Having a relationship and consistently working with community partners like Coinscrum and the DLT Lounge in London has been mutually beneficial. Bringing more excitement around building on Bitcoin into their spaces, while giving the London Chapter a place to gather and grow our community has been an awarding experience.

    Discord: N.Atlas#7298
    Email: [email protected]
  • Bryan Guadagno
    "Texas is one of (if not the most) Crypto friendly states in the country. Austin is not only the state’s capital but also one of the progressive tech hubs in the country. If there’s a place that NEEDS to foster innovation being built on Stacks… this is it. Stacks is the only token bringing fully expressed smart contracts settled in Bitcoin. It’s unclear what tokens will “win” or “lose” the consumer adoption battle over time…. But it’s clear that betting on Bitcoin and helping Bitcoin to become more functional and positioned for mass adoption is a good place to start. I found myself in a unique position to drive this effort forward. I can impact change in this city."

    Email: [email protected]
    Discord: Bryan.stx#3225
    Website: stacksatx.btc
How to join the Chapters program
Anyone can apply to start a local Stacks Chapter in their area by visiting the Stacks Foundation's website and filling out an application form. Once approved, new Chapters receive funding and support from the Stacks Foundation to help them get started.

Leaders with a vision for launching a community of developers, founders, and Bitcoin builders should visit the Stacks Foundation's website and submit an application for a community grant. Once approved, leaders are onboarded and receive supportive resources from the Stacks Foundation to help them get started.

With the support of the Stacks Foundation and a global network of enthusiasts, developers, and thought leaders, Stacks Chapters have the resources and community support they need to succeed. If you are interested in joining the Chapters Program, visit the Stacks Foundation's website today and apply to start your local Stacks Chapter.

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