Announcing the Winners of Building on Bitcoin Hackathon ⚒️
Published by Foundation Team on March 14, 2023
There is a buzz in the air around building on Bitcoin. The rapid rise of Ordinals and Inscriptions has catalyzed a Bitcoin renaissance and is beginning to give rise to a new generation of Bitcoin builders.

In this edition of the Building on Bitcoin Hackathon, we saw some of the first versions of applications embracing and utilizing emerging tooling like ordinals and Stacks to build cool things and make Bitcoin fun again.

While we had several interesting and compelling projects, three stood out due to their exceptional creativity, code design, and secure testing coverage.

1st Place: Ordinacks

Congratulations to Ordinacks, who took the top spot for this hackathon due to the creative use of Stacks to solve some problems inherent to Ordinal technology. The novel use case, high-quality code design, excellent code execution, and extensive testing coverage earned Ordinacks first place. Learn more about their project here.

2nd Place: StacksShare

StacksShare earned a second-place spot here by creating an MVP of an app that solves the problem of decentralized data access by integrating with Gaia, a decentralized data storage solution, and enabling access control via smart contracts and wallet authentication. In addition to the interesting use case and excellent Clarity code, the team also had exceptional documentation to explain their project and high-quality test coverage to ensure secure, functional code. Learn more about their project here.

3rd Place: Prosper

Finally, Propser took third place in this hackathon by creating a tool for decentralizing a component of health care. Effectively solving everyday problems using blockchain is a major goal of the industry and apps like Prosper provide an excellent first step. The quality of the code, documentation, and extensive tests helped this project earn their third place spot.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this hackathon and congratulations to the winners! We look forward to seeing what everyone continues to build on Bitcoin. Learn more about their project here.

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