Building on Bitcoin Just Met AI
Published by Foundation Team on April 12, 2023
Hear that? That’s the sound of AI-enhanced learning empowering new Bitcoin builders with zero time spent on setup. Replit, a quickly growing developer platform powered by AI and an interactive in-browser learning framework, now features the Stacks layer for Bitcoin. This means developers (or those looking to become developers) can learn to build and deploy applications that serve the Bitcoin economy using Replit templates and tutorials.

Verified Stacks ‘Repls’ will be available to Replit's more than 20 million of users, many of whom have a background in Web2 development as well as a growing community of Web3 developers. The tutorials available in the Replit environment create a clear path for new developers by eliminating environment setup time and issues, offering smart feedback, providing code examples, and surfacing ready-made templates.
More about Replit
If you're unfamiliar with Replit, it's a powerful and versatile coding platform that offers a wide range of features and benefits. Its cloud-based nature, collaborative features, and variety of programming languages and tools make it a great choice for coders to build and deploy software from any device, anywhere in the world. Templates and learning content make it easy to get started. Powerful boosts up to 16vCPU make it easy to build and scale sophisticated projects.

The Stacks Replit profile will serve as a valuable collection of engineering resources to assist developers in learning how to build on Stacks including:

  • Code templates for fundamentals like fungible and non-fungible tokens
  • The Stacks Connect starter kit, which configures all the components in your project for logging in with a crypto-enabled web wallet, useful for engineers building browser-based applications.
  • A handful of tutorials for beginners that will take you step-by-step through the basics of the Clarity smart contract language.
Get started
The best way to start building on Stacks is to get started with Clarity – the smart contract language for Stacks. Clarity is designed to be a secure, predictable, and human-readable programming language. Check out the new Stacks Profile on Replit to get started.

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