Stacks Narrative Guidance
Recommendations and best practices for 'talking Stacks'.
by Claire Topalian on June 15, 2023
As Stacks grows, it's important we consistently assess and re-assess key aspects of the ecosystem. This is obviously done every day when it comes to the Stacks technology, but should also apply to things like brand and narrative.

We've learned a lot about how to help folks easily understand the value proposition of Stacks, especially in a world where Ordinals are thriving and the broader culture of building on Bitcoin has come alive and caught up to the Stacks community's long-held convictions.

The Brand Working Group is an active (and open!) team aiming to both uphold and develop best possible standards around brand and narrative. Jointly, the work of the Narrative WG and the Brand WG has resulted in some resources that represent the current optimized way to talk about Stacks. It's worth noting that these aren't hard rules; as a decentralized ecosystem, builders, developers, and community members have varying perspectives and their own spin on all things Stacks. These materials are a great starting point if you're looking for the technical basics and the way that many ecosystem leaders describe Stacks.