Halving on the Horizon:
Technical Milestones & Release Strategy Updates for Nakamoto & sBTC
by Mitchell Cuevas on December 8, 2023
This post covers the latest intel from the frontlines of Working Groups and provide the latest look at milestones and timelines for the Nakamoto and sBTC release. It will be updated regularly.
TL;DR: Nakamoto is on track for release before Bitcoin halving which is currently projected around April 30th, and there’s a clear path on a second release following that for sBTC.

See this update post on release timing - the launch window was narrowed to between April 15th and 29th!
Looking toward halving
Recently Completed
Q4 2023
Q4 2023
✅ Nakamoto v.2
Controlled Testnet aka Neon
Nakamoto’s ‘Controlled Testnet’ has arrived! The private testing leverages Bitcoin Regtest and features a single miner, single Stacker, and Stacker signing. Learn more in this Twitter thread.

Highlights of the work:

Q1 2024
Q1 2024
⌨ Nakamoto v.3
Public Testnet aka Argon
Q1 will be highlighted by a public testnet with multiple Stackers, multiple Miners, and the Stacker Network's FROST DKG integrated. This will be an ideal time for builders to dive deep and start preparing to upgrade their applications by leveraging the testnet.

Areas of focus:
  • Nakamoto performance gains with existing Clarity WASM
  • All Nakamoto rules in place
  • POX-4, Throughput gains, Lower Latency, Existing Clarity WASM
  • Clarity WASM to feature complete with full Clarinet support
  • Clarity WASM Performance benchmarking, improvements, & fuzzing
  • Controlled testnet upgraded with performance gains
  • Testing and audits on code complete components
Bitcoin Halving
Bitcoin Halving
⭐ Nakamoto
Hard fork #1: April 15-29, 2024
Nakamojo! Assuming the community votes in the Nakamoto upgrade and miners adopt, Nakamoto will go live on mainnet. Continued testing and bug testing will continue as the ecosystem upgrades!
Approx. 2 months following
Approx. 2 months following
⭐ sBTC
Hard fork #2
sBTC will go live on the Stacks layer approximately 2 months following the Nakamoto release. Network stability, bug fixes, and overall security will be prioritized in determining the exact time to release sBTC.