Decentralized Intelligence: Bitcoin and AI Collide As LearnWeb3 Hosts A Stacks Developer Challenge
Published by Stacks Foundation Team on September 26, 2023
The blockchain world and AI revolution are on a collision course, and the Stacks layer for Bitcoin is ready to help builders innovate at the intersection of these two hot technologies. In collaboration with LearnWeb3, a premier platform for developers to master coding in Web3 and smart contract languages, the Stacks Foundation is excited to announce a contribution to the Decentralized Intelligence Season 1 Hackathon. For developers, the hackathon provides an exciting opportunity: a $3,000 prize for one innovator who can create a proof of concept for an AI agent that can interact with Bitcoin via Stacks and its Clarity smart contract language.

Decentralized Intelligence Season 1: Where Innovation Meets Blockchain and AI

Date: 13th September - 12th October

Decentralized Intelligence Season 1 will bring together the brightest minds and most talented students in the world to harness the power of blockchain and AI to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Create an AI Agent for Clarity Smart Contracts
We invite visionaries, developers, and creative minds to conceive and build a proof of concept for an AI agent capable of interacting with Clarity smart contracts using stacks.js.

The possibilities are vast and open to interpretation. Your AI agent could take various forms, from an agent generating contract calls that require user confirmation to sign transactions, to an autonomous agent with its private key, enabling it to unilaterally initiate transactions. The scope for innovation is boundless!

The Stacks Foundation is offering a $3,000 prize to one exceptional winner who showcases their creativity and technical prowess by building the most impressive AI agent for Clarity contracts.

Unlock the Potential of Stacks:

What You Need to Know

Stacks is a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution that introduces smart contract functionality to Bitcoin, all without modifying the core Bitcoin protocol. This innovative approach adopts a layer structure, with Bitcoin serving as the foundational settlement layer at the base. On top of Bitcoin, we have Stacks, the layer that enables smart contracts and programmability.

Get Started

Ready to take on the challenge? To participate, register for the Decentralized Intelligence Season 1 Hackathon through the following link: Register Now

For more details about the Stacks Foundation's $3,000 prize and competition rules, visit: Stacks Prize Details

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