The Stacks Foundation Grant Program
Fueling the builders, doers, and leaders of the Stacks Ecosystem.

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Join hundreds of Developers from around the world building on the Stacks Blockchain.

The Grants Program funds builders and developers who are creating developer tools, community resources, applications, and research that serve our mission of a user owned internet, powered by the Stacks Blockchain.

Ryder is an innovative hardware wallets that lets you own your digital DNA. Ryder stores cryptocurrencies in addition to identities, a total replacement for all crypto-related operations.
This app gives a user the ability to connect an STX and Bitcoin wallet to and mine STX through a simple user interface.
Moving Stacks in line with Ethereum, Risidio brings Non-Fungible Assets (NFT) Auction to the Stacks Blockchain
User-owned, encrypted video streaming and storage on Stacks (music coming soon!)
Video and written content creation for Polish Stacks community.
Clarc: A Clarity compiler for the Ethereum virtual machine, bringing Clarity to Ethereum.
About The Program
The Grants Program funds builders who further the mission of establishing a user owned internet by creating developer tools, community resources, and applications powered by the Stacks blockchain.
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