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Code For Stacks
Earn for building on Bitcoin
As more of you are starting to explore the world of building on Bitcoin, we want to support you in your journey. In addition to numerous free learning opportunities both virtual and in-person, we want there to be an opportunity for you to earn every.single.month.

All you have to do is code.
Building on Bitcoin
Building on Bitcoin is a generational opportunity. Why?

🟧 Size. Bitcoin boasts a market cap over $1T. It is widely accessible and has retail and institutional adoption.

🟧 Security. Bitcoin's security is unmatched. Through Stacks, transactions are settled to Bitcoin, making these transactions as irreversible as Bitcoin's.

🟧 Longevity. Bitcoin is durable and secure, boasting unmatched longevity and consistency. Build on a base layer that has been built to last.
You can win just for keeping up with your project!
Code, Commit, Earn
$20,000 up for grabs monthly!
Every month you submit valid code commits that move your project forward, you can earn STX from a prize pool of 10,000 STX! Winners are drawn at random each month from the pool of eligible entries.
2500 STX
Each month, an eligible developer from the pool will win the 2500 STX jackpot.
100 STX
Didn't hit the jackpot this month? No worries, 75 others are getting 100 STX just for keeping up with their projects
Becoming eligible is simple
How Does It Work?
Keep on coding
To have a shot each month, you just need to work on your project. We're looking for a meaningful code commit that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Add a new UI element or page
  • Fix a bug
  • Add a new Clarity contract
  • Add meaningful* new Clarity contract functionality
  • Optimize a contract function
  • Enhance the security of your contract
  • Add a test suite
  • Meaningful* refactor that enhances functionality or performance
  • Meaningful* UI enhancement

Code must be open-sourced and publicly available via Github. You receive one entry for every valid code commit.

Just point us to your new code, we do the rest!
How to Submit
Prepare the work
With a brief onboarding form, you'll tell us a little bit about yourself and link us to the Github repo you'll be working in.
Do the work
Move your project forward, we just need to see meaningful progress! Your app doesn't have to be live to be eligible but you should be progressing toward a launch.
Proof of Work
Show us what you accomplished! Use the buttons below to onboard and then submit your code commits from the month.
Every month is a new shot to win
Keep on coding
Code is due at 11:59pm ET on the last day of each month. Any entries received after that point will be added to the pool for the next period.

Prizes are awarded by the 15th of the following month.

There is no advantage to submitting early and the time of your submission within the month does not play a factor in how prizes are awarded.

June 2024

June 1 - Open for submissions
June 30 - Code is due
July 15 - Prizes awarded

July 2024

July 1 - Open for submissions
July 31 - Code is due
August 15 - Prizes awarded

August 2024

August 1 - Open for submissions
August 31 - Code is due
September 15 - Prizes awarded
and so on

Need to pick up a few skills to get started?
Free Learning Opportunities
Other important stuff
  • Question:
    Does my application have to be 100% Stacks-based?
    No, but it should leverage Stacks in a significant way. This will be up to the discretion of the reviewers, but you can get in touch if you're unsure. A helpful lens could be: "Would this application function and/or be able to provide the same utility to its intended user without Stacks components?". If the answer is yes, it would be difficult to qualify for this campaign.
  • Question:
    Does my application have to be live?
    No, but it should be heading for a launch eventually. We understand things take time and we want to reward you along the way for building. Reviewers have the discretion to eliminate an entry if a path toward being live and available to users is unclear or if they come to believe a developer has no intent to launch.
  • Question:
    Does my application have to be brand new for this campaign?
    No, if you are already building something you can point us toward that repo in your onboarding form. Each month you simply need to show progress for said project, it doesn't matter when you started it.
  • Question:
    What if my project has raised money?
    If you have raised more than $500,000 related to your project, you are not eligible. This program is intended to fund independent developers and small teams as they get started in the Stacks ecosystem.
  • Question:
    What if I stop coding or forget to submit for a month?
    It's no problem. Simply submit your code when you're back on track and you will be back in the prize pool for the month you submitted in. There is no penalty for missing a month, though this may change in the future to encourage consistent shipping.
  • Question:
    Do I need to make any purchases to be eligible?
    Absolutely not. Entry is free, along with all the education you might need to get to the point where you're able to participate. The only requirement to enter is to produce meaningful code each month. You can review what constitutes eligible code above. Our team reserves full discretion to disqualify entries and there will be no appeals process. Put simply, if we feel you're trying to cheat the system or spirit of the contest, we can disqualify you. Don't make us do it ;)
  • Question:
    I have another question
    Great, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].