Grant Programs
Fueling the builders, doers, and leaders that are taking us toward a safer, more equitable, more open internet powered by Bitcoin.
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Grant and Funding Focuses ('23/'24)
This is our current projection of roughly what areas will be a focus for Grants spending based on the current status of upcoming upgrades.
Q4 2023
Clarity improvements, Clarity WASM work, testing and hardening, sBTC Signer, Liquid STX.
Q1 2024
Audits, fuzz and penetration testing, mining pool support, Stacking pool support and integrations.
Q2 2024
sBTC bridge / signer APIs + UIs, tooling audits, performance boosts, sBTC business development.
Q3 2024+
Infrastructure provider integrations, sBTC and Nakamoto-related library expansion, and developer tooling.
Grant Programs
Critical Bounties fund infrastructure development, tools, research & other initiatives that drive Bitcoin layer development.

Open Bounties
DeGrants is a community-led initiative where community members dole out grants for efforts they deem important or interesting and fall outside the scope of Critical Bounties.
Chapters are local community groups driving activation in a specific geography. Support for chapters is a collaborative effort between the Stacks Foundation team & local leaders.
The Residency Program fuels subject matter experts for open-ended research, experimentation, & other long-term projects.
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About The Programs
Grants supports builders on a mission to activate the Bitcoin economy through broader adoption. We believe Bitcoin and adjacent open-source technology ecosystems will become the foundation for a safer, more equitable, more open internet.