Unleash Your Creativity at the Stacks x EasyA Bitcoin Builders Hackathon in London!
Published by Stacks Foundation Team on September 26, 2023
The Stacks x EasyA Bitcoin Hackathon promises to be one of London's most fascinating hackathons of the year! Best of all, it's happening right in the center of London. IRL. And following Bitcoin Unleashed.

The Stacks Foundation and Hiro have teamed up with EasyA to give away £20,000 to the best projects built at this hackathon. In just 36 hours, you could walk away with a massive prize that could help you launch the world's next unicorn application built on Bitcoin.

What's it all about?

Heard of Bitcoin? Probably. But did you know that you can build on top of Bitcoin? Probably not. (Until now!)

With Stacks, you create real applications on Bitcoin. Think building automated lending and borrowing applications, or ways for people to get mortgages, but with smart contracts secured by Bitcoin, bringing access to financial infrastructure to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you're already familiar with decentralized applications on blockchains like Ethereum, Stacks enables this exact thing but for Bitcoin, the largest and most secure asset available.

Various technical experts from across the Stacks ecosystem will be present to support builders and will be joined by other incredible members of the Bitcoin and blockchain community. Regardless of your experience level, we encourage you to attend. That includes non-programmers, this hackathon is open to everyone regardless of technical experience (whether it’s ideation, marketing or presenting) and there is a special prize allocated for non-coders!

Free to enter. Free food. Free code-level support available in-person 24/7. What’s the best that could happen? Sign up ASAP!

What To Expect

  • Live panels - from the experts actually building on Bitcoin and in Web3 and blockchain. Ask away and learn information before anyone else!
  • Workshops - if you’ve never used blockchain before, the best instructors in the world are here to help.
  • Competition - 36 hours to build a project that solves a problem, then present on Demo Day.
  • Prize Money - £20,000 that will go out to the best projects built over the weekend!
  • Job/Internship opportunities - Web3 recruiters and VCs will be at the event, so don’t miss out on your next big opportunity!
  • Venue - great wifi, comfortable desks, all day food as well as lounges to relax.

Get When and Where

  • 21-22 October, 2023
  • Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY, United Kingdom

The 36-hour Bitcoin hackathon will kick off on 21 October. You won't want to miss this opportunity to build on one of the world's most fascinating inventions to date.
Builders of all levels are encouraged to build, meet and mingle!

If you’re registering for Stacks x EasyA Bitcoin Hackathon and would like to attend the Bitcoin Unleashed London event, you can use code: EASYAHACK for a discounted pass.

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