July 22, 2020
STX joins Flipside's Data Cooperative, adding more token transparency
We're excited to share our participation in the Flipside Data Cooperative, an initiative for partner networks to publicly share on-chain activity. Our community can now easily explore token flows, watch network activity, and track benchmarks to peers in the ecosystem.
Blockstack has always had the long term vision of making the network accessible to everyone, from the first SEC-qualified Reg A+ token offering in 2019 to the focus on creating a secure smart contracts language with Clarity. Providing more transparency around network transactions and STX activity has been part of that vision. Through Flipside Data Cooperative, it's not even easier for new and existing community members to see transaction activity, token ownership flows, and token benchmarks.

All of the information within Flipside's Cooperative is already public, but their 30-day Asset Flow format makes it easy to understand token flows quickly. Using these "bubbles" STX holders can see tokens moving between different investor cohorts, moving to/from exchanges, flows between smaller wallets, and activity of early token holders. Everyone, including the 100,000s of STX holders, now have access to transparent visual insights into network activity.

Flipside Data Cooperative for Blockstack STX token
Following the release of the STX Token FCAS score, we wanted to provide even more data to the community. The Data Cooperative benchmarking data includes the FCAS score over time and shows daily trading volume, transactions, and uniques addresses. These metrics can now also be found on Blockstack's CoinMarketCap.
"At Blockstack, we share Flipside's ongoing commitment to transparency. Building a user-owned internet means not only working in the open as much as possible, but also ensuring important information is readily accessible and easy to understand. Blockstack code has always been open-source and freely available, our whitepapers peer-reviewed by experts, and our financials shared openly as part of our commitment to rigorous annual reporting that started when we held the first SEC qualified token offering last year. Working with Flipside provides another tool to provide transparent information and insights to the Stacks Ecosystem and beyond."

Muneeb Ali
CEO and Co-Founder, Blockstack PBC
We're excited to continue our work with Flipside as we head into the launch of Stacks 2.0, which will launch with Clarity smart contracts. Developers interested in building on Blockstack can now participate in testnet, and through this partnership, will have transparent STX chain data from day 1 of launch.

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