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January 14, 2021
On-Chain Stacks 2.0 Activity Will Be Live and Public On The Flipside Data Cooperative
Stacks was one of the first blockchain projects to join the Flipside Data Cooperative - a transparency initiative for partner networks to showcase their on-chain activity publicly. A new version of the public dashboards will be launched in February 2021 to provide insights and data into Stacks 2.0’s health as a project.
“We share Flipside's ongoing commitment to transparency. Building a user-owned internet means not only working in the open as much as possible, but also ensuring important information is readily accessible and easy to understand. Stacks code has always been open-source and freely available, our whitepapers peer-reviewed by experts, and our financials shared openly as part of our commitment to rigorous annual reporting that started when we held the first SEC-qualified token offering in 2019. Working with Flipside enables another tool to provide transparent information and insights to the Stacks Ecosystem and beyond.”
—Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director at the Stacks Foundation.
Stacks 2.0’s on-chain data will be ingested and transformed by Flipside Crypto’s team of Engineers and Data Scientists for better analytics. The labeled on-chain data will reveal every actor (smaller wallets, top holders, exchanges, treasury, ICO investors, miners) and every transaction that happens on-chain.

The Flipside Data Cooperative allows community members to watch all STX token flows in real time, and view any deposit and withdrawal made on exchanges. The on-chain activity of early backers, top holders (users who own a meaningful percentage of the total active supply), and smaller wallets can also be discerned separately.
Benchmarks will also be provided to compare Stacks 2.0’s median on-chain volume, transactions, and unique addresses among more than 50 blockchain networks that are monitored by Flipside.
“We started the Flipside Data Cooperative as an initiative to bring more transparency to the crypto space, and Stacks was one of the first projects to jump on board. From the very beginning, their team has been dedicated to using our insights to increase decentralization and community leadership. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to further their efforts in fostering trust and collaboration with their users."
— Dave Balter, CEO at Flipside Crypto.
We're grateful to Flipside and their team for making Stacks data more available, consumable, and useful -- look out for updates to the Stacks Data Cooperative in February and get in touch with their team if you have requests!
About Stacks (STX): Secure smart contracts and apps for Bitcoin. The Stacks ecosystem is a collection of independent entities, developers, and community members working to build a user-owned internet on Bitcoin. The Stacks 2.0 blockchain extends the design of Bitcoin to enable secure apps and predictable Clarity smart contracts without modifying Bitcoin itself, opening innovation on the network for the first time. The Stacks cryptocurrency (STX) is used as fuel for networking activity and contract execution and can be locked by STX holders via ‘Stacking’ to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards for supporting blockchain consensus. Stacks cryptocurrency was distributed to the general public through the first-ever SEC qualified token offering in US history.

About Flipside Crypto: Flipside enables blockchains to live up to their full potential, by decoding and explaining blockchain behaviors. Our proprietary process extracts all of the data from blockchains and applies labels to transactions in order to identify and understand on-chain behaviors. The data is then streamed into our Business Intelligence Dashboards, to provide a clear view of real-time stakeholder behaviors and all asset flows.

Brittany Laughlin is the Executive Director of the Stacks Foundation. She's spent the last decade working at the intersection of community, capital, and internet collaboration. She tweets at @br_ttany.

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