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Announcing $50k for the 2nd Stacks Decentralized Grants Cohort
We are excited to announce applications for DeGrants are now open!

The Stacks Decentralized Grants (DeGrants) program aims to drive development in specific areas within the Stacks ecosystem that the community deems important, allocating funding from a pool of $50k.

The program follows the successful DeGrants pilot. Some of the highlights of the pilot program include the creation of a GoLang SDK, the involvement of over 20 stewards and contributors, and the support of more than 45 applications, including two key projects working towards the sBTC launch.

The second cohort of DeGrants builders will continue to drive momentum in the ecosystem with its special mix of open innovation and community engagement.

DeGrants is built for Stacks community members looking to contribute to the Stacks ecosystem. The program puts the solicitation, review, and selection of grants in the hands of the community.
Apply to DeGrants Today
  1. Receive Grant Money: Get financial support to build on Bitcoin
  2. Connect, Collaborate, and Build Your Reputation: Engage and network with the leaders in the Stacks community
  3. Ship Your Project: Turn your grant project into a sustainable, long-term endeavor with support from the community
How It Works
Choose a track and apply directly to that track’s DeGrants based on their instructions

Steward review

Community stewards will review your application and follow up.
Receive funding

If selected, you'll receive starter funding if needed or be paid by milestones.


Ship your project!

Share your progress with the community and get it in the wild asap!

DeGrants Features 6 Tracks
Stacks DeGrants is separated into 6 Tracks. Each Track operates independently. Apply directly to each track’s DeGrants based on their instructions on Gitbook.
Key Dates for this Cohort’s DeGrants
  • Applications Open: May 31st
  • Launch Party: June 4th @ 2pm ET on Console
  • Applications Support: June 3rd to June 28th
  • Submission Deadline: June 28th
  • Application Review: June 28th to July 8th
  • Grantees Announced: July 12th
Join the Conversation: Application Support & Collaboration
DeGrants thrives on community collaboration and participation. Your unique insights and perspectives are critical to the process — you're highly encouraged to join the conversation:

Join DeGrants on X/Twitter Spaces!
  • We host daily live sessions where we discuss and support applications in real-time. You can ask us any questions during these live sessions.
  • Subscribe to the daily schedule on the Google Calendar
  • Follow HeroGamer, Stacks Foundation, and each track Leads for real-time updates

Join the Console community
  • Async application support
  • Collaborate with other founders and talents