The Stacks Foundation supports builders on a mission to activate the Bitcoin economy through broader adoption. We believe Bitcoin and adjacent open-source technology ecosystems will become the foundation for a safer, more equitable, more open internet.
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The Grants program supplies structured funding for critical open-source technology development and select educational efforts. The Residents program works much like an EIR program and supplies experts for the ecosystem in high-impact areas.
We support community development around the world by funding and supporting grassroots community events, facilitating local grants and partnerships, hosting industry conferences, moderating digital community channels, and more.
From Clarity Camp to the Mintery, we make sure builders and creators get the skills they need through educational programs. We also identify, vet, and educate services providers so they can serve builders in the ecosystem.
Grants, Critical Bounties, & Residents
Community Development
Educational Programming
We support new research and development, both for technical upgrades and governance proposals. Through support of upgrade proposal processes and the Governance Working Group, we ensure that major technology decisions are made in a decentralized and community-oriented manner.
We build relationships and support technical integrations with a range of valuable players including exchanges, infrastructure providers, auditors, agencies, custody solutions, market makers, bounty programs, wallets, NPOs, and more.
We work to build a resource hub to connect resources and talent. This includes technical support for grantees, PR support for founders, partnership introductions, legal resources, listing guidance, amplification of Bitcoin-centric companies, and more.
R&D and Governance
Technical Guidance
Resources & Matchmaking
Why Bitcoin?
Learn a bit more about why we're betting on Bitcoin to break open a better future for the entire internet, a fundamental connector of society.
This report analyzes the current state of Bitcoin's expansion beyond its core base layer protocol in two key areas – (i) payments and asset issuance protocols and (ii) general-purpose protocols. It gives an overview of projects in both areas and compares them based on design trade-offs and performance metrics.
Bitcoin dominates the cryptocurrency market, with a 45% market share as of today, yet data from Electric Capital shows there are only about 700 Bitcoin developers compared to Ethereum’s 4,000 developers.
You’ve likely heard of Bitcoin. It’s the first successful decentralized currency. But what is Bitcoin, really? And how is it becoming the foundation for a new generation of Web3 applications?