September 16, 2020
Welcome Ryan and Raffi to the Stacks Foundation team
We're excited to welcome Ryan Arndt and Raffi Sapire as new team members at the Stacks Open Internet Foundation.
Ryan joins as the Stacks Ecosystem Steward to empower members toward collaborative success and to act as an advocate for all types of community stakeholders. Since early 2019 Ryan has served in the Stacks Ecosystem, first as a Support Specialist during the Blockstack 2019 SEC qualified token offering and then as a full Community Support Partner over the past year.

Ryan has spent over a decade focused on the convergence of social impact on media, technology and community across diverse industries including video gaming, non-profit, technology, health care, farming, and the arts. Ryan's career has included supporting game developers with the International Game Developers' Association to Community and Social Media Lead on numerous entertainment projects. A trained educator, he is passionate about supporting a user-owned internet for all people, everywhere.

You can find Ryan on Discord @ry4n.

Ryan Arndt
Stacks Ecosystem Steward
Raffi joins the Foundation as a Grants Advisor contractor to support the launch of the Stacks Grants program, serve on the Grants review committee as an independent advisor and to work on growth of community involvement in ecosystem development.

Raffi is a crypto native entrepreneur. Most recently she was VP Operations of Livepeer, where she stood up the marketing, finance, developer evangelism, and operations functions. There she designed and scaled the community grants program, awarding up to $50,000 per month. Raffi has spent the better part of her career as an investor and an advocate for entrepreneurship through her work at Blue Seed VC and Acumen.

You can find Raffi on Discord @rsap.

Raffi Sapire
Grants Advisor

Brittany Laughlin is the Executive Director of the Stacks Foundation. She's spent the last decade working at the intersection of community, capital, and internet collaboration. She tweets at @br_ttany.

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