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September 3, 2020
Announcing the Stacks Grants Program
Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Stacks Grants, a new program to fund ecosystem development to build a user owned internet powered by the Stacks Blockchain.
Stacks Grants are for applicants who want to develop of infrastructure, tools and services, community resources, research, and education to improve the Stacks Ecosystem.

The Stacks Foundation will utilize a portion of its 100M Stacks treasury to award grants to promising proposals. During the initial Stacks Grant Beta, funding will be from $100 up to $5,000 for projects that further the mission of a user owned internet. We're so excited for the opportunity to harness the enthusiasm, ideas, and participation from our global community through the Grant Program.

Stacks Grants Program

The Grant Program Beta is designed to launch the program, build an efficient The grant program will fund a wide variety of projects built by community members, from developer tools to consumer tools, from education to creative resources.

We're learned a lot in our design research for the Stacks Grants Program that we've incorporated into our Beta. We want to ensure an effective, transparent, and fair grants program for our ecosystem. Community input is a major part of this program which was the motivation for the initial launch to be on Github, so the community can see the latest applications and also have the option to submit comments and feedback. Whether you're interested in a grant or not, we're excited to have you involved in the process through your feedback.

We've intentionally started small with our grant awards to ensure an efficient system, a way for builders to kick off projects right away, and to build out our Grant Review committee over time. We'll keep awards in USD until the launch of Stacks 2.0 this fall, which will provide an opportunity to switch our grant awards to STX going forward.

As we learn more and see the growth in community input, we'll continue to evolve the program. If you have ideas on ways to upgrade our grants process, grow our review committee, or to encourage more mission-driven proposals, we'd love to hear about it in our #governance working group. We can build a better program if we work together.

Learn More and Apply for a Grant

Interested in sharing your grant idea? Here are three ways you can get started:

Create a Grant Proposal
Go to the Grants github for instructions and requirements for your Proposal Submission. Use the template to create your proposal application and then click submit. Share your proposal with the community to get more feedback, comments and ideas. The Grant Review committee meets every week to give feedback on the latest applications so you'll hear from us soon.

If you're interested in building and not sure exactly where to start, you can check out a few of the wish list grants we've scoped out listed in the Stacks Grant github. If you have a plan to execute on them, you can reply with a proposal to the wishlist idea that fits your skill set to apply.

Learn About the Application Process
We've outlined our application process and have provided guidelines on the Grants github.

Discuss in the Grants Discord Channel
If your interest is piqued, but you're not sure where to start, come talk to me, Ryan, Jude and Raffi, who are currently building out the program and your community peers. We'll brainstorm ideas and chat grant proposal best practices. The Discord channel also provides a space to share ideas, get feedback, and meet other community members to collaborate with. Join the #stacks-grants Discord.

We look forward to seeing your proposals!

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Brittany Laughlin is the Executive Director of the Stacks Foundation. She's spent the last decade working at the intersection of community, capital, and internet collaboration. She tweets at @br_ttany.

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