Here We Go With!
by Mitchell Cuevas on November 9, 2021
Several months ago, the Stacks Foundation took the keys to Initially designed and built by the fine folks at Hiro, they are now laser-focused on developer tools and the beautiful Hiro Wallets. We’re excited to facilitate the next chapter for which will phase in tools for management by the community and an expansion of its content and lead-generation strategy.

We believe as the ecosystem continues to grow, will only become more important as an access point to Stacks. The current incarnation has served us well since the launch of Stacks 2.0, but there are opportunities to make it a more powerful player in helping people discover and understand Stacks. Today, I want to outline some of the initial plans we have for, share some of the work we’ve been doing, and outline opportunities to get involved and define its future.
While it’s been a whirlwind 2021 supporting major efforts like Clarity Universe, the Stacks Accelerator, and the new Stacks Residence Program, we have managed to make good progress on in the background. Here’s what what we’ve been up to:

  • As a handoff gift to the ecosystem, Hiro provided some improved designs which we’ve now implemented. This upgraded look and feel and are staged and in the final stages of review.
  • We’ve onboarded dedicated contractors to manage the project and do the technical work, and are in the process of finding a go-to designer to handle the need for new pages and content areas.

We expect to launch a refreshed version of on November 18th.
What's Next
I’m thinking of upcoming work in terms of themes and generally want to avoid committing to hard dates and specifics for now. This will be an ongoing process informed by data and feedback, so I prefer to keep the web team and contributors who join them free to make decisions based on their expertise, observations, and data.
Example Work
Education and Acquisition: Expansion of core content for key audiences
  • Landing pages tailored made for specific user types (noobs, developers, etc.)
  • Interactive experiences that help users find their way to relevant resources and information
Wayfinding, Discovery: Information symmetry and discoverability
  • Consolidating disparate and disconnected sites such as,, and
  • Creating a place where visitors can quickly understand the state and future of the ecosystem and locate recent key updates (roadmap, atlas)
Sustainability, Scalability: Community contribution and management
  • Launch tool for suggested edits from users
  • Onboard Community Managers that support content additions and edits
  • Creating a network of cooperative sites and data streams from throughout the ecosystem
Get Involved
We want to be an always up-to-date powerhouse of Stacks information that helps guide millions deeper into the ecosystem. For that to happen and for the site to reach its full potential, the community will have to play a critical role. If you think about the sheer volume of new things happening around us, you’ll quickly realize it’s impossible for one person or even a small group to keep up. The work is doing is a great example of how we’ll need to team up to make sure we’re always on top of and amplifying the work of builders on this site.

A major next step is getting the tools in place to make this feasible and we’d like to make sure everyone who has ideas on the best way to handle this is heard. To start, we've opened a Discord channel, where you can chime in with your thoughts.

In addition, I'm sure there are 'absolutely-must-be-updated-right-this-minute-or-something-bad-will-happen' type requests folks will have. For those, please send an email to [email protected] and for the time being and I will personally see to it that sensical updates are made in a timely manner. Please be nice to me and patient, this is certainly an important project, but it's not necessarily going to be top priority everyday ❤️.

Mitchell Cuevas leads various partnership and growth marketing efforts at the Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.