Decentralized Growth:

Stacks Residents Provide The Ecosystem A New Layer of Expertise and Leadership

November 8, 2021 by
  • Jenny Mith
    Programs Lead
  • Mitchell Cuevas
    Head of Growth
The notion of scaling in layers around Bitcoin applies to more than just the Stacks blockchain. The strength, skill, and diversity of the ecosystem are the most important factors in Stacks’ long-term success. The Stacks Residence Program recognizes this critical truth and officially launches today to create more opportunity for experts and leaders to explore and build out key aspects of the Stacks Ecosystem.

Our vision for these highly autonomous residents is to incubate key ideas, lead critical research, and kickstart or create new organizations, resources, and tools. Areas of focus among the first-ever Stacks Residents include governance, DAOs, token community management, Proof-of-Transfer, NFTs, and Stacking.

Meet the Residents

Dan Trevino & Amr Elghobary (aka Boom Crypto)
Boom is bringing new depth to the creator-to-supporter relationship through novel NFT utility and fundraising mechanics. From minting to collecting, we're pushing the boundaries of this decentralized artistic medium to ensure that all people, not just current crypto users, remain at the center of the next wave of innovation. All on the Stacks blockchain, secured by Bitcoin.
12 months
Thomas Osmonson & Jasper Jansz (aka Fungible Systems)
Thomas and Jasper will be focused on turning into a comprehensive suite of tools for all things related to Stacking. Their work will enable community members to launch pools, create custom Stacking data dashboards, and connect to new Stacking related services their team is currently exploring.
6-12 months
Drew Falkman & David Collier (aka Escape Labs)
Escape Labs will be researching and building a platform for managing token communities. The platform would enable unique features like wallet integration, rewards and reputation management, airdrops, and DAO functionality, all via a simple Discord plugin and eventually, hosted SaaS tools.
6 months
Mohamed Huzayen, Harold Davis, Ryeder & Juliet Oberding
(aka Stacks Governance R&D Lab)
The Stacks Governance Lab will be laying the foundation for critical governance mechanisms such as off-chain decision-making within the Stacks community. Through their work the with Advocates Program, they’ll also be exploring and building out tools for launching and managing DAOs as well as distributing community rewards.
12 months
Why The Stacks Residence Program?
When you’re a project working on something as colossal as remaking and reimagining the internet on Bitcoin, how you grow is just as, if not more important, than how much you grow. Where a traditional organization may prioritize its own growth as a means to increase its impact, the Stacks Foundation focuses more on creating the conditions for growth in the broader ecosystem.

The Residence Program then is an exercise in decentralization and community-led building. It provides a framework for investing in the most knowledgeable and experienced community members as well as bringing in new talent and expertise, all without the constraints that come with traditional employment. For many Residence Program applicants, proposed projects stem from years of engagement with the Stacks community, resulting in a deep, fundamental understanding of what this ecosystem needs to flourish and progress.

How is it different than the Grants Program?
Expanding on the success of the Stacks Grants Program, the Stacks Residence Program is intended to encourage more open-ended research, network experimentation, and innovative business incubation. The Grants Program remains ideal for builders creating clearly scoped tools or solutions, while the Residence Program will cater to those looking to explore broader problems and unanswered questions within the ecosystem.

Interested in being a Resident?
Similar to the Grants Program, Residence activity is done via Github. For those interested in or currently applying for the program, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The Review Committee will continue to evaluate applications and interview candidates through this quarter. The second cohort of residents will be announced by the end of 2021.

In addition to submitting your own application, there will be several proposed roles you may also be a fit for.
  • Jenny Mith
    Programs Lead
  • Mitchell Cuevas
    Head of Growth