Clarity Brand Update
Clarity Smart Contracts: Powerful, Decidable, Predictable, and now Beautiful too
by Mitchell Cuevas on June 13, 2022
The Clarity smart contract language is a critical part of how Stacks make it possible to build applications and services secured by Bitcoin. The language is human readable, you know what it will do before you execute it, it offers visibility into Bitcoin state, and it is the only smart contract language with post conditions. Clarity’s very design eliminates entire classes of the most common smart contracts bugs.

Today, thanks to the Stacks community, it gets an updated look and feel that better reflects the importance of the language and will serve it well as adoption continues to grow. Earlier this year, Github recognized Clarity as an official programming language while the top auditors in the industry embraced Clarity. And, thanks to the recently appointed Stacks Residents from Whitelabel, Clarity Camp is rapidly expanding to teach thousands of new developers to create smart contracts for Bitcoin.
The new Clarity design was the result of an open process started by long-time community leader aka BradleyBaker.btc aka @fluidvoice and supported by Will Corcoran here at the Stacks Foundation. A big thank you to them, and of course, every single designer that submitted options. The community voted overwhelmingly for this new look; the winning submission came courtesy of Ginny over at Hiro Systems. When you see her, thank her, she put time aside on nights and weekends to bring the community yet another gorgeous gift.

More good news: This update is not only stylish, but substantive too. Whitelabel, Brad, and others have plans to expand the content around Clarity to help accelerate adoption of the language. This will include rebooting the Clarity Twitter handle, better support around documentation, and the ongoing expansion of the Clarity Camp program to Miami, universities, and Codeacademy, alongside increased frequency of the beloved virtual training cohorts.

The Clarity brand along with the full Stacks brand will be made widely available for community usage in the coming weeks via an easy-to-use brand guideline page on

Mitchell Cuevas leads partnership efforts and works to create scalable programming for builders, artists, and entrepreneurs in the Stacks Ecosystem. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.

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