Smart Contracts For Bitcoin:
Top Smart Contract Audit Agencies Embrace Clarity To Meet Demand Of Bitcoin Builders
by Mitchell Cuevas on November 30, 2021
Bitcoin DeFi and Bitcoin NFTs continue to blossom thanks to the builders leveraging Stacks and the Clarity smart contract language. The notion that Bitcoin is more than a store of value is clearly catching on.
Stacks Blows Up 57% After Bitcoin NFTs Take Off
Stacks brings NFTs and DeFi to the world's biggest blockchain.
To meet the demand generated by this rush to write smart contracts for Bitcoin, some of the top smart contract auditing firms in the industry, including NCC, Least Authority, and Coinfabrik have completed training facilitated by the Stacks Foundation and begun providing Clarity smart contract audit services to Stacks projects. We’re thankful to call these organizations part of the Stacks Ecosystem and for the valuable expertise they bring to the community.

The recent launches of Arkadiko (now well over $50 million TVL) and Stackswap headlined the demand for Bitcoin-based DeFi, while Bitcoin NFT projects on Stacks continued their torrid pace, crossing over $6 million in daily value transacted (including mints, marketplace trades, private sales, etc.).

As the language, and the momentum around building on Bitcoin continues to grow, more products and services are rapidly hitting the market. This necessitates we take every step possible to ensure users are having the safest, most secure experience possible, meaning audits—no matter how well-designed a smart contract language is or how skilled the developer using it.
Ensuring builders have access to auditors was a major effort for the Stacks Foundation this past quarter and we’re proud that Stacks builders can now readily access these professional, industry-leading auditors as needed. The best available audits, combined with the secure design of Clarity, gives all of us extended peace of mind that Stacks-based experiences are robust and safe.
"Improving over other languages, Clarity has some secure-by-design features that heighten the bar for introducing vulnerabilities. Safety math operations and always-checked call responses guarantee there are no silent failures, which considerably improves the development process and the final product."
- CoinFabrik Team on Clarity ❤️
We thank our new auditors and all of you builders out there that are unleashing Bitcoin’s potential. Building on Bitcoin will undoubtedly loom large in 2022 as Clarity, Stacks, and the resources around the ecosystem continue to evolve. If you’re interested in learning to build on Bitcoin, please join the Clarity Camp waitlist.

We’re also currently looking for a full-time Clarity Educator to serve as a Stacks Resident and are open to training additional agencies hoping to provide Clarity development and audit services to the ecosystem. Get in touch at [email protected].
About Clarity
Clarity is the native smart contract language of the Stacks blockchain and a major part of what enables Bitcoin secured applications like NFTS, DeFi, DAOs, and more. It’s a powerful language designed to complement and extend what makes Bitcoin great; transparency, security, and reliability.

Designed by Stacks and Algorand core developers, the language is optimized to protect developers and users. It does this by being predictable, decidable, and by offering innovative mechanisms such as post-conditions. Its design eliminates most of the common smart contract bugs right out of the box and the ability to see smart contracts clearly on chain benefits developers and users alike.

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Mitchell Cuevas leads various partnership and growth marketing efforts at the Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.