Hong Kong University Students Embrace Stacks, Clarity Smart Contracts
by Mitchell Cuevas on August 16, 2021
Whether through Stacks Chapters, entities, or individuals, the power of the Stacks ecosystem has been on full display throughout 2021. We’re proud to be covering yet another exciting story, this one driven by Daemon Technologies, who are on a roll having also just released their gorgeous new STX Mining Monitor.

Established in Hong Kong in 2020, one of Daemon’s goals is to drive the adoption of Stacks technology in Asia. A huge part of that is developer education, so they recently partnered with faculty at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to bring a 6-week pilot course on Clarity, the smart contract language that enables smart contracts for Bitcoin via the Stacks network, to a cohort of 20+ students.

Some of the best opportunities for current students lie in the future of blockchain technology and crypto, so courses like these will give them a huge advantage in the job market. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has consistently looked to ensure their students have access to cutting edge learning opportunities, and has done an impressive amount of dabbling in crypto including setting up a crypto fintech lab, the formation of an Advanced Database and Blockchain research group, and generally welcoming the industry with open arms. HKUST is one of the fastest-growing universities in the world and is currently ranked 3rd in Asia and top 40 internationally.

The purpose of the pilot course was to introduce student developers to the Stacks ecosystem, and what Stacks technology can enable them to build on top of Bitcoin. Throughout the course, students learned core smart contract concepts and then put them to use to create their own unique NFT asset as well as an NFT marketplace. The course was also a fantastic feedback mechanism for Clarity Universe, allowing us here at the Stacks Foundation to further test and refine the learning experience we’re set to launch on September 1, 2021.

Going forward, Daemon and HKUST hope to build on the momentum created in this pilot to establish Hong Kong as a hub for this type of innovation. The course at HKUST is expected again in the fall, and could also be offered through other Universities and institutes in Hong Kong. Daemon will also be working alongside the Stacks Foundation, Stacks China, and others to bring Clarity Universe and related learning experiences to developers throughout Asia.

If you know someone interested in learning Clarity or would like access to the latest and greatest Clarity resources, invite them to join Clarity Universe. As part of Clarity Universe, developers get access to the 6-week Clarity course, a library of pre-vetted smart contracts, and the Clarity talent and audit hub we’ve developed over the past few months.

The first cohort will begin in less than two weeks, details are being shared with those on the waitlist. See you there!
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