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Published July 15, 2021

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Now entering the smart contract for Bitcoin cluster.
The Stacks Foundation is pleased to kick-off limited invitations to Clarity Universe, a portal that brings together everything a developer, project, or company needs to be successful with the Clarity smart contract language.

Clarity was designed by core Stacks and Algorand engineers to open up new smart contract possibilities and to better protect developers and users from bugs and attacks. In concert with the Stacks blockchain, Clarity is enabling a better internet on Bitcoin through decentralized applications, crypto-powered business models, and trustless store and exchange of value.
Regardless of your experience level, Clarity Universe will make it easier and faster for you to learn Clarity and begin building. The core components of Clarity Universe are:

  • Clarity Camp: A 6-week guided course taking developers through key smart contract concepts and offering hands-on experience with the language via the latest tutorials, a new Clarity development environment and live feedback tool, direct access to Clarity experts and leaders from the Stacks ecosystem, and regular virtual workshops and office hours. Guided cohorts are kicking off every few weeks and a self-paced course will also be released at a later date and made available through popular e-learning platforms.
  • Clarity Starters: Written and reviewed by some of the language’s designers and legendary Clarity power users, this library features ready-to-use Clarity smart contracts. Clarity Starters have also been audited so that you can start using them confidently.
  • Clarity Talent: A marketplace of Clarity-related jobs and talent. The Stacks Foundation team has trained and vetted agencies and individuals that are ready to help you with any Clarity-related needs, including audits. Graduates of Clarity Camp will be at the top of the list for the many companies hiring for Clarity-related positions and well prepared for Stacks Grant projects.

Also included in Clarity Universe or to be made available shortly:

  • A 100% self-paced course, including material that takes a developer from zero smart contract experience to Clarity proficiency.
  • Rewards and incentives for Clarity Camp students (+ swag and fun gifts).
  • Special instructors and guests for cohort events.
  • Rollout via Stacks Chapters and additional language options.
  • Additional smart contract audit providers.
  • Partnerships and additional ways to experience the core Clarity material
Join the waitlist
We’re in the final stages of collecting feedback from test cohorts, so we expect general registration will be open before the end of August. Those on the waitlist will be invited to begin well before then.
Take a peek
The entire learning experience is interactive, allowing you to play with test code snippets and receive feedback as you move through the content.
Building on Bitcoin
Clarity is a linchpin in realizing a better internet built on Bitcoin. If you’re unfamiliar, Clarity’s design affords it some very unique features:

  • It is the first—and only—language we're aware of with post-conditions, a feature that protects developers and users from smart contract bugs and abuse. Post-conditions are used to verify token balances at the end of smart contract calls.
  • No compiler / WYSIWYG: Clarity code is interpreted and committed to the chain exactly as written. There are no compilers that add a layer of complexity. Clarity smart contracts always remain readable.
  • As a decidable language, it has the property that from the code itself, you can know with certainty what is going to happen. This avoids issues like the halting problem. With Clarity you know for sure that given any input, the smart contract will halt in a finite number of steps.
  • Built from the ground up with security in mind. Clarity disallows reentrancy on the language level and protects from overflows and underflows.
  • Issuance of custom fungible and non-fungible tokens is a popular use case for smart contracts. Clarity comes with token features built right in.
  • Bitcoin state. With Clarity you have read access to the Bitcoin chain.

Just like Stacks, it’s built different.

An era of innovation on Bitcoin has already begun. With Clarity Universe, we’re excited to accelerate the movement and continue smashing preconceived notions about what can and can’t be built on Bitcoin.

Agencies and experienced individuals interested in being vetted and trained for Clarity Talent should reach out to [email protected].
  • Mitchell Cuevas
    Head of Growth
  • Marvin Janssen
    Technical Lead