Clarity Camp Hack Winners: Bitcoin Unleashed Edition
by Claire Topalian on November 2, 2022
The winners of the Bitcoin Unleashed: Builders Edition hackathon have been announced! The three top projects include Options Vault, Synths on Stacks, and Deeds. Each project showcases unique and innovative uses for blockchain technology. Read more about each winner below (and check out the full project library here).

Options Vault

Options Vault took first place in the Bitcoin Unleashed: Builders Edition hackathon for its exceptional code quality, testing, documentation, and use case. Exploring Stacks as the programming layer for BTC is a big focus for the ecosystem right now, and Options Vault provides a path forward for unlocking sustainable yield with Stacks. The MVP created for this hackathon focuses on the STX asset, with plans for adding other assets like xBTC in the future.

Read more about the project here.

Synths on Stacks

Synths on Stacks came in at a very close second and focuses on unlocking synthetic assets on the Stacks chain. This project won the second place spot due to exceptional code quality, a unique use case, and its use of Redstone oracles, which is an area that currently needs more exploration in the Stacks ecosystem. Synthetic assets are tokenized versions of derivatives, whose assets are derived from another asset, like futures and options. Synths on Stacks’ is a big step toward bringing synthetic assets to Stacks and its use of Redstone oracles is a perfect example of why oracles are useful.

Read more about the project here.


Deeds highlights one of the many potential use cases of blockchain technology: the purchase and holding of housing deeds on the blockchain without an intermediary. One of the interesting things about this project is that would allow for a housing marketplace to be built into the same system as where the deeds are actually stored, allowing people to list and buy directly on the same system used as a record of ownership. Implementing changes like this into the currently bloated systems would unlock a lot of productivity and economic value, and this project is a great MVP for how something like this could work in the future.

Read more about the project here.

Thanks to all who participated in the cohort and the hackathon! If you are thinking about where to go next, know that the Stacks Foundation issues grants to eligible project ideas (apply below) and that the Stacks Startup Lab and Stacks Ventures are currently taking applications for the next cohort. You can also always find your fellow students and community members in the official Discord server.

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