March 19th, 2021
Welcome to the Board: Meltem Demirors

We’re excited to continue expanding the Stacks Foundation team to work collectively towards our mission of building a user owned internet. We’re delighted to introduce Meltem Demirors, the latest addition to the Stacks Foundation Board. She joins current board directors Zavain Dar, Rodolfo Gonzalez, and Brittany Laughlin.

Currently the Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, and formerly the Vice President of Digital Currency Group, Meltem brings a wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from Bitcoin, to token economics, to the future of finance. A long-standing friend of the Stacks project, Meltem’s joining is timely as the Stacks community works collectively to unleash Bitcoin’s full potential as a programmable base layer.

Regarding the decision to join the Stacks Board, Meltem shares her thoughts: “Since its inception, the Stacks team has always had close alignment with the Bitcoin community and has brought new use cases and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem. I’m excited to work with the Stacks Foundation as it implements a sustainable long-term vision for the future of the Stacks protocol and the Stacks ecosystem, and continues to grow and evolve alongside Bitcoin.”

As part of the Board, Meltem will play a key advisory role in encouraging more experimentation and innovation on Stacks, ultimately leading to new opportunities like DeFi and NFTs on Bitcoin. As Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director of the Stacks Foundation notes, "[Meltem's] expertise will help further paint what’s possible for the user owned internet.’"

You can find and follow Meltem's musings on Twitter @melt_dem.

You can also read more about Meltem's role with the Stacks Foundation Board on Decrypt.
Emily Patel is the Stacks Foundation's Communications Associate. You can catch her writing blogs or posting tweets about all the latest happenings around the Stacks ecosystem. Reach out to her at @emilypatel16 on Discord if there’s anything you’d like her to share about the Stacks community!

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