March 05, 2020
Welcome Jenny, Emily & Louise to the Stacks Foundation!
This week, we’re welcoming three new additions to the Stacks Foundation team! Say hello to: Ecosystem Development Lead, Jenny Mith, Communications Associate, Emily Patel, and Growth Lead, Louise Payawal. Our new team members come to us from a wide range of backgrounds, from linguistics and philosophy to growing developer and crypto communities. Learn more about them below:
Jenny joins as the Ecosystem Development Lead, focusing specifically on growing community programs, the Stacks Grants Program, and governance for the Stacks ecosystem. A former member of the Hiro Systems PBC team, Jenny’s journey with Stacks began in early 2019 when she signed on to help manage community and communications across the ecosystem. She’s been a staunch supporter of the Stacks community ever since and can’t wait to empower the community even more through a high quality grants program and effective governance protocols.

In addition to her background with Stacks, Jenny’s ecosystem development work draws on nearly 10 years of studying governance, managing communities, and working with technologists. Prior to Stacks, she helped facilitate training programs for aspiring software engineers at Codesmith and grew professional development communities through IVY. Perpetually unnerved by the existence of surveillance capitalism, Jenny is cautiously optimistic about the potential of crypto to help users realize their value and take back control of their lives on the web.

You can find Jenny on Discord @jenny Ӿ | Stacks Foundation.

Jenny Mith
Ecosystem Development Lead
Emily Patel joins as the Communications Associate for the Stacks Foundation. Having studied English and Philosophy and worked as a freelance writer/editor, she’s eager to bring her writing experience to this role. On any given day, you can catch Emily drafting blogs, designing newsletters, posting tweets, and crafting all kinds of content about Stacks. Emily is particularly excited about keeping the community up to date on all the interesting happenings around the ecosystem.

Through her work experience, Emily developed an interest in non-profit organizations. She's keen to get involved with emerging technologies and work with a team that supports projects which contribute to a user owned internet. So far, she’s really enjoyed getting to know the grantees and discovering the positive impact that their diverse projects have on end users.

You can find Emily on Discord @emilypatel16.

Emily Patel
Communications Associate
Louise is joining the Stacks Foundation as the Growth Lead, playing a key role in both community and token growth. He has a Masters in Green IT and a deep personal interest in technology and how it converges with society, arts, and economics. Louise got his start as a passionate Stacks Community Member before becoming a consultant to Hiro PBC and Freehold, where he helped expand the community to more than 50,000 dedicated community members spanning 32 countries.

The cyberpunk and Web 3.0 movements resonate with Louise. He firmly believes that the current context of society—wherein the forerunners of wealth creation were able to turbocharge globalization but unable to create shared prosperity—is flawed. He believes that these forerunners "democratize" our access to information while invading our privacy. Passionate about the user owned internet, Louise spends his time contributing to Ryder and building crypto communities to accelerate the mission that we all share. Currently, Louise is based in Amsterdam after working with various tech startups in Asia, Europe, and the United States, and is in pursuit of a Masters of Fine Arts degree.

Find Louise on Twitter @louiseivanvp where he tweets about everything from crypto community building to DIDs.

Louise Payawal
Growth Lead
We’re excited to have Jenny, Emily, and Louise officially join us on our mission to deliver a user owned internet. A small, but mighty team, we at the Foundation will work collectively to build an internet where users have true ownership over their identity, data, and wealth.

Brittany Laughlin is the Executive Director of the Stacks Foundation. She's spent the last decade working at the intersection of community, capital, and internet collaboration. She tweets at @br_ttany.

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