Web3 Startup Lab Applications Live + Team Testimonials
by Claire Topalian on October 26, 2022

Calling all entrepreneurs and builders

Web3 Startup Lab's second cohort is now accepting applications! Join the Web3 Startup Lab community and accelerate your startup with guidance from industry experts and access to top investors in the space. Be sure to apply before the deadline of November 7th. All applicants who apply before November 5th will also receive the below (whether or not they enter the pre-accelerator):

Access to a private Discord channel: "all aspiring entrepreneurs"
This channel access means you will be among other founders and builders - opening up endless possibility for connections and projects.
NFT Membership Tournament
The NFT Membership Tournament allows you to participate in community-building activities to win benefits such as whitelist status for our annual NFT membership. More benefits will be shared in Q4!
20+ videos that show you how to find the coveted “Startup Fulcrum”
Finally, our “Startup Fulcrum" content shows you how to step-by-step scientifically find the core element for product-market fit, an essential piece to identify and understand when building a startup.

Applications close on November 7th.

Testimonials and news from Startup Lab teams

Below are a few updates from teams who joined the Web3 Startup Lab's first cohort. These teams have made significant progress in their projects and we can't wait to see what else they accomplish in the future.

Deep Lake Finance
Derivatives that bring utility to Native Bitcoin through trading fees.
Deep Lake Finance provides the infrastructure to launch derivatives markets instantly using APIs and provides a centralized exchange-like trading experience thanks to their channel scaling solution.

  • Team: Harraz Abdel (Founder)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: Relationship with Bitcoin, Community, and Early ecosystem
  • News: Went live on Testnet in early October 2022.
  • Learn More: Website, Twitter:@DeepLakeFinance, Founder: @harraz_abdel
SeFo Finance
A safe (trustless) and easy Bitcoin DeFi Aggregator solution for non-technical BTC HODLers.
SeFo introduces Bitcoin liquidity to Stacks via Magic Protocol and increase the TVL of Bitcoin DeFi. Bringing Bitcoin liquidity to Stacks fosters the Stacks ecosystem and brings us one step closer to becoming the best Bitcoin-enabled DeFi ecosystem in the world.

  • Team: Aidan Tsai (CEO, Hannibal Liang (CPO), Andy Hsu (Software Engineer)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: Building on Stacks, we can get unparalleled security with Clarity smart contract language and become the pioneer of Bitcoin DeFi because of the Stacks' amazing property. Not to mention that this is the closest community of entrepreneurs and technology I've ever met, and I've received tons of help from various people.
  • News: We are hustling to complete the development and to put the first iteration on the testnet by October 28th so people can test it.
  • Learn More: Website, Twitter: @SeFo_Fi
Turning illiquid JPEGs into highly liquid assets.
NFT2Loan is creating a way to unlock liquidity back into the market while making NFTs a much more interesting investment - achieved through NFT collateralized loans.

Users can deposit their valuable NFTs as collateral on our platform and get a cheap loan against it to secure liquidity without selling their NFT. Creators and artists profit from much more liquidity in the market since users now have more money to mint new collections, invest, and interact with DApps.

  • Team: Robin (CEO), Julian (Co-Founder, Marketing & Operations), Leonidas (Co-Founder and Creative Director), Pete (Co-Founder and CTO), Michael (Co-Founder and Smart Contract Developer)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: 3 key points: Security, Community, and Unleashing Bitcoin. In the summer of 2021, I wanted to learn more about all existing altcoins and their future potential. I decided to go to CoinMarketCap and click through every single altcoin of the top 100 list. I read the summary and whitepaper, looked at the website, and read some articles about each. Stacks was by far the most interesting. It had a clear mission, a small but very intellectual and dedicated community, a shared sense of "why blockchain" and how much security matters, and was about to unlock the most significant invention since 2010 to the most robust and secure blockchain: Smart contracts on Bitcoin.
  • News: Sept. 30th: Stacks Grant was approved. Oct. 8th: Rebranding from NFT2Loan to Liquidium. Oct. 12th - 16th: Testnet Launch. We're about to become the first NFT lending protocol on Stacks and we're very excited about it. Please feel free to leave feedback and contact us anytime if you want to talk. I'm available on Twitter @ropl.btc. I also want to thank Albert for mentoring us and everyone who helped us to be where we are now.
  • Learn More: Twitter: @LiquidiumFi Website, Discord
Utility toolings for 1/1 NFT artists and their collectors.
Ability for artists to token-gate their nfts in a no-code way and collector tools to unlock NFT utility, perks , and benefits

  • Team: Scott Spiegel (Founder), Scarlett Arana (Co-founder), Jorge Cortes (Co-founder)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: To provide the safest foundation and security for our artists
  • News: BitBasel's Inaugural CryptoArt collection will launch November 28th with a curation of 17 different CryptoArtists and work related to the UNSDGs, otherwise known as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. BitBasel will be hosting their large annual event in Miami November28th - December 4th . Stacks , Gamma, and the Mintery are confirmed sponsors for the event and marketplace launch.
  • Learn More: Twitter/Instagram: @bitbaselhub, Discord
An alternative to centralized platforms for trading between and/or earning yield on price-stable assets.
People have different preferences for stable-coins, and currently, there's no stable swap protocol on Stacks that allows for a direct swap of stable assets. Bitcoins users also want to earn a yield on their coins but don't want to give up custody of their hard-earned BTC to a centralized party.

We're focused on providing two things:
1) Building blocks for a mature stable swap market: This DEX offers an alternative to centralized platforms for trading between and/or earning yield on price-stable assets. A DEX optimized for stable swaps results in lower fees, fewer slippage failures, and deeper liquidity pools. This will be a catalyst in attracting additional stablecoin liquidity (USDC, USDT, etc) to Stacks.

2) More DeFi developer resources enable more DeFi products: We'll provide fully open source code for the dApp, plus tutorial resources to experiment with building a DEX. For example: We will build a protocol based on this template to disrupt Curve and provide Bitcoiners with an advantage in DeFi. Other protocols, like Convex, can be built on top of it.

  • Team: Dylan Floyd (Co-Founder/CTO) Diego Mey (Co-Founder/COO)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: Security. Bitcoin Alignment. Clarity Language. Community. Decentralized Protocol and Non-Custodial Capabilities.
  • News: Our testnet is aimed to be launched this month (Oct 2022) - with early beta access registration open on bitflow.finance - the Beta Tester will also receive an exclusive and limited edition BitFlow NFT, that will serve as a badge for gated content, community channels, and other privileges. We recently got approved for our first Grant from the Stacks Foundation to build an open-source DEX protocol, which will be the building blocks for Bitflow.
  • Learn More: Website, Twitter
Stacks Force
Bring existing games to Stacks or create a new ones without any blockchain knowledge.
Every 20 years there is a major paradigm shift in the Gaming market. Today we see the rise of Web 3 on the blockchain. At the same time, out of 5 million active games, less than 1% is Web 3 - because it is so difficult to port Web 2.0. games in Web 3. Game developers have to solve a lot of problems - blockchain integration, slow payments, and gameplay redesign. And there were no easy solutions to this problems. Until our platform.

  • Team: Anatoly Kozlov (CEO), Nick Lipin (CTO), Anton Tiulkin App Architect)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: The security and great community. We are making a platform designed to attract a non-crypto audience. To do this, it is important for us to achieve trust in the platform and avoid reputational scandals related to security. Thanks to Albert and WSL (and all our mentors).
  • News: We have already launched 3 games on the mainnet (chess, checkers and backgammon). Until the end of October there will be 3 more games. And at the end of the year, we will start connecting third-party games to the platform (more than 100 games from 15 game studios)
  • Learn More: Website, Twitter: @stxfrc
Create a provably fair decentralized global lottery
Simplified stacking process and pools gamification

  • Team: George Cotsikis (CEO), Effie Arvaniti (COO)
  • Why We Build on Stacks: BTC interoperability and yield - promising ecosystem
  • News: Testnet imminent
  • Learn More: Website