January 14, 2021
Upgrading the Stacks Grants Process with Grant.io
We’re excited to announce the launch of Stacks Grants using Grant.io! We've upgraded our grants workflow from GitHub to offer a funding experience that aligns with our values of community access, transparency, and ownership.
The new grants portal has been custom built for the Stacks community and makes it easy for community members to submit, review, and share feedback on grant applications. Added features like customizable, site-wide notifications and update emails encourage community members to regularly engage with grants.

Not only does Grant.io make it easier to apply for a grant, it also provides a space for wishlist grants, which are suggested grant ideas from across the ecosystem. So whether you have an application in mind, or simply want to contribute to a new idea, you’ll be able to find everything in one place.

On the grantee side, Grant.io automatically prompts recipients to share milestone progress, which adds accountability, speeds up feedback, and streamlines the funding process. Furthermore, the grants portal is hosted on the Foundation’s server, so all grant submissions are owned and controlled by the nonprofit foundation.

Key Features

  • Faster updates: customizable site-wide notifications for each user
  • Applications with more rich content: markdown support and image hosting for diagrams and charts
  • Team applications: submit grants with team members
  • Clear communication: dedicated sections for community discussion and grant updates
  • User profiles: customize your profile whether you’re working on a grant or providing feedback
  • Foundation hosting: now on the Stacks Foundation server

The migration from Github to Grant.io follows a successful Stacks Grants beta in Q4, where over $55,000 in funding was awarded to 18 projects across a dozen different countries. As we continue to iterate and improve on the grants program, our top priority is to cultivate a vibrant community of ecosystem contributors committed to building a user owned internet on Stacks and Bitcoin. This new grants portal is the first (of many) steps in that direction, not only providing a hub where contributors can connect and collaborate with one another, but also serving as a gateway to ecosystem development in general.

With the Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch just around the corner, we anticipate seeing even more innovative grant submissions, and we absolutely can’t wait! We encourage you to take a look around the new portal and share any feedback or requests for features here, so that we can continue to provide the best grant experience possible. Finally, thank you to all community members who have participated in the grants program thus far — we look forward to building with you on Stacks 2.0 and beyond.

Check out the new Stacks Grants page using Grant.io to see existing grants, wishlist grants, or start an application.

How to Apply for a Stacks Grant

The process for submitting an application has also been simplified with an intuitive user interface. Here’s a quick run through video of the grant proposal process:
Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for a Grant
Click on Start A Proposal.

Fill in the fields sharing an introduction to your idea. Choose a category and add your total request as the Target Amount. Click Continue.
Add your team members, you will each need to create an account on the website to add them as part of the application.
The next step will ask for more details and a breakdown of the project. Please edit to answer the questions and press continue once complete.
Add in your milestones including their costs. The total of overall milestone amounts must match the original amount that was submitted in step 1. Press continue when completed.
Review your proposal and press submit when you are satisfied with your entry.

NOTE: Once you’ve done so, you won't be able to edit it until it's been reviewed by the Grants committee.
After submission you will also be able to go back to Profile > Pending to check on the status of your proposal. By default, you will be emailed when you have a change in status or a comment has been added.
That’s it!

The Stacks Foundation Grant Committee meets each Tuesday to review Grant Applications.

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