Updated Github Link:
Github org is now ‘stacks-network’
by Mitchell Cuevas on January 20, 2022
Hey all you Stackers, shortly following the 1-year mainnet anniversary as well as elimination of a handful of blocking items, we’re finally ready to update the Github organization URL from ‘blockstack’ to the more appropriate ‘stacks-network’.

Thank you to everyone that voted in the Twitter poll and helped finalize this change. We're excited to be finishing up these final updates to Stacks for consistency and simplicity!

The end results:

If you are linking directly to any of these repositories, you will need to update the URL. If you like, you may also use stacks.co/github to point to the main repo. It's a redirect we can update in the future, say, should we be able get 'stacks' and then you wouldn't need to update your links again.

This change does not impact forks of the repos. If you happen to notice a broken link out on the web, please alert the relevant website admin.

You should update any cloned repos to use the organization name.

$ cd stacks-blockchain
$ git remote set-url origin https://github.com/stacks-network/stacks-blockchain

Note: Several individuals and entities have tried to procure the ‘stacks’ URL on Github, but the project owners were unwilling to engage in a negotiation for it.

Mitchell Cuevas leads various partnership and growth marketing efforts at the Stacks Foundation. He's spent the last decade working in community-driven high-growth startups.